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sony xperia xz1: a great phone, but not good enough

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
Don\'t expect any surprises when you open the box for Sony Xperia x1.
The design is similar to the phones Sony has been producing for years.
XZ1 is content with 5 when others want a larger and clearer display. 2-
Inch display with resolution of 1920x1080.
Sony TV also has a \"triluminos\" display with bright colors and clarity, and watching HD video is a pleasant experience.
It also works well in the sun without having to adjust the brightness.
While I prefer to connect the streaming service to the TV, I watched the video over the phone on Netflix and Amazon Prime and was very happy with the experience.
In addition to this, it has the best audio quality.
My first phone is Sony Ericsson\'s Walkman series, which is a great replacement for the iPod.
Since then, I have never let Sony phones down in terms of audio quality.
This \"SmartAmp\" features improved voice clarity and reduced background noise \".
But, like other phones, everything on the headset sounds better.
The phone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 4 gb of memory and runs the latest Android Oreo.
Sony phones are rarely disappointing in performance, and XZ1 is behind it.
I play with other Rams.
There was no lag or stuttering.
There are 2,700 smartphones-
MAh battery, which doesn\'t match well with other flagship products on the market.
It will not last long and will heat up during heavy use.
The camera quality of Sony phones is usually better, mainly because most phones use Sony sensors in their cameras.
XZ1 got rid of the fashion of dual cameras with 19-
MP Exmor RS Sensor host and 13-
MP secondary camera
The main camera has five features
Stabilize and record video at 960 frames per second.
What Sony calls a \"sports eye\", the camera is equipped with a quick capture of the details of missing the naked eye.
In the process, it took four photos in one click-
Three sensors, the fourth one you took.
The camera has good performance, but it will inject a lot of noise in the case of low noise
Light conditions.
The phone is also equipped with a 3D Creator app for 3D scanning of objects and people.
The app is easy to use but at low
Light conditions.
You can also connect the app to a 3D printer and print the scan.
The Sony Xperia XZ1 is a good phone and won\'t give you a lot of reasons to complain about it, but in the ‹ ¹ 44,990, it won\'t have any new offers other than the latest Android operating system, this will make it difficult for Sony to compete with other brands.
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