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Space station\'s 3D printer pops out part

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
The first 3D printer in space came out for the first time.
The 3D printer delivered to the ISS two months ago made a sample replacement part for itself this week.
It makes a new panel for the print head case.
The space station commander, Bouch Wilmore, took the small plastic product off the printer on Tuesday after a day of manufacturing.
NASA spokesman Dan Huot said some plastic was glued to the printed tray.
He noted that this is part of the learning process and will be investigated further.
NASA says about 20 objects will be printed in the coming weeks, all for analysis back to Earth.
The space agency hopes to one day use 3D printing technology to make parts for broken devices in space. \"an on-
According to Niki Werkheiser, the project manager, \"demand machine store \".
The Northern California company, which provides 3D printers for the space station, \"Space Manufacturing\" said it was \"a moment of change \".
Newly created rectangular panel-
Considered functional by the company
Including Space Manufacturing and NASA names.
\"When the first man made a tool from a rock, it was impossible for us to imagine that one day we would replicate the same basic idea in space, \"CEO Aaron Kemmer said in a statement. Similar 3-
D. The project will be copied and compared in the company office of Mountain View. The stronger-than-
The expected adhesion to the print tray may mean layers-by-
NASA pointed out that the layer bonding process is different in weightlessness.
The company will replace track demonstration machines with larger commercial printers next year.
Meanwhile, the European Space Agency plans to launch its own 3D printer in 2015.
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