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Stainless steel prototype proofing-Meet the requirements of listed companies

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2019-07- 31 10: 36

under normal circumstances, most enterprises need to make prototypes to verify new products before they can carry out large-scale mass production, otherwise, once there is a quality problem, the loss is immeasurable. If you want to make a stainless steel prototype proofing, you need to have a general evaluation of the stainless steel prototype factory, such as whether there is any strength-- The productivity and shipping speed of the prototype depends on the service--Communication Power, and how much prototype accuracy can reach.

week ago, the extension model has completed a big project. The stainless steel prototype proofing manufacturer has received 10 sets of stainless steel prototypes from a company in Shenzhen. This is a listed company. All the products made are exported to overseas. In order to make the new products more perfect, they attach great importance to the proofing process, so when looking for the prototype factory, it also took a lot of effort. The model has a five-axis machine with high machining accuracy and an experienced post-processing team, which can meet their requirements.

stainless steel prototype proofing manufacturers have 18 years of experience in prototype customization, so far, we have made prototypes with more than 3000 customers, and also hired CTO as the technical director of the United States to introduce foreign fuel injection technology. The appearance processing effect is good, and the accuracy can reach 0. 03mm, 24-hour production, fast shipping speed, help you seize the market opportunity, welcome to contact customer service.

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