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State effect result--Sheet Metal Prototype in Tuowei

State effect result--Sheet Metal Prototype in Tuowei


Everyone is asking, what are the requirements of an excellent salesman?

Salesman's primary task is to sell, if there is no sales, there is no hope for the product, the enterprise also has no hope. At the same time, the salesman's job also has the ability to develop the market. At the same time, I think we must have a good state and confidence, because confidence is a kind of power, as long as you have confidence in yourself, every day at the beginning of the work, you should encourage yourself, I am the best! I'm the best! Confidence will make you more dynamic, to believe that the company, believe that the company provides customers with the best quality and believe that the company provides you with the opportunity to realize their own value, believe that you are able to do their own sales work. To be able to see the company and their advantages, and keep these in mind, when negotiating with customers, aura is very important, to use a belief in winning to face customers. Before selling products to sell their own out, to have confidence in their own, only to sell yourself to customers, to sell your products to customers.

Tuowei-State Effect Result-sheet Metal Prototype In Tuowei | News On Tuowei Model

Remember my first deal customers Adem, is a research and development company from the United States, lucky he just came to China to visit suppliers, then do  very well prepared for our client, including before, when it comes to the visit and after the related work is prepared, including customer preferences, faith and love eat what food, live what hotel. When first time after receiving the customer, the in the mind is a bit timid, after all, I am maybe more is mute English, very afraid I am will stage fright, so a little bit nervous at the time, but also immediately adjust the state, then take customers visited our company workshop, Surface finish department, as well as the mould workshop, because our company is to provide one-step services, so after client visit our company at that time, the customer said he is to visit so many suppliers and the atmosphere of our company and strength is best.

Tuowei-State Effect Result-sheet Metal Prototype In Tuowei | News On Tuowei Model-1

we took him to join in together, we play games, play table tennis, Have fun, the customer said it felt very warm.

After the visit, we went to a restaurant that the customer liked to eat. While sharing the food and interest of each country, the customer finally chose our tuowei model from more than 10 competitors as their manufacturer in China.

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