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Step prototype factory-One stop service

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-03- 09 08:06

Many enterprises in step will find some step prototype factories to make prototype models to verify the feasibility of newly developed products. However, it is in the case of sufficient funds. What if it is a small enterprise and a newly developed enterprise? They will also work with the prototype factory, but every decision they make determines whether the company can survive. So what if they have developed a new product and don't know what kind of prototype factory to choose? Have you faced such difficulties before the computer, or are you facing such difficulties before?

some time ago, there was a Mr. Xu from the step by searching'Prototype factory' After finding the company, Huang Gong hosted the gentleman. After a brief understanding, I learned that the gentleman was a small start-up business and wanted to do some engine models. However, he has sought a number of prototype factory enterprises and has seen the process of processing many companies, but it is not that the staff's lack of experience does not match the mind, or the processing accuracy is not high. In short, there are always various small problems. He needs the cooperation of an enterprise with strong strength and high processing accuracy. So, he was looking for a large area on the Internet, and finally saw the top of the company, and the reputation is quite high. Then, Huang Gong took Mr. Xu to the workshop to visit the processing process of the five-axis machine and cnc equipment, and gave a detailed introduction to the company. After reading the general process of the operation of the workshop, Mr. Xu still hesitated. After all, he is a small business that has just started. Every decision he makes needs to be cautious. In order to dispel Mr. Xu's doubts, huang Gong took out the prototype model that tuowei company had done before and gave the customer a buffer time. After that, Mr. Xu left and said he would consider it again.

after a few days, Mr. Xu came, he decided to cooperate with Taowei. Huang Gong told the engineer about the customer's doubts. In order to properly complete the customer's needs this time, the engineer of the Yubu prototype factory customized a plan for him that belongs to Mr. Xu, using five-axis machining, with high accuracy, and can make complex surfaces, and high cost performance.

after a few days, the model was completed. I took a photo to the customer. The customer was quite satisfied and the money was affordable. Mr. Xu is very satisfied with this cooperation with Tuowei! So, if you are a small business that has just started, you don't know which prototype factory to look for to cooperate with, you can consider the extension model! One-stop service and tailor-made solutions for you!

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