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stolen equipment returned to art city

by:Tuowei     2019-08-22
West Broadway
The profit went through a small Christmas miracle after its precious digital archives returned over the weekend.
During the Boxing Day break, the art city on Broadway\'s 600 Block had stolen thousands of dollars in equipment and irreplaceable data. in.
\"We are very depressed,to be honest—
I don\'t think we will see it again.
\"We think the best opportunity to get the file back is to offer cash rewards, but even with caution and optimism, I\'m still skeptical,\" said general manager Josh Ruth . \".
The art city was established in 1998-city youth.
Before 1 in the morningm.
On Boxing Day, the alarm system of the agency was closed.
The staff checked the live surveillance footage of the space at the time, but could not see anyone in the building.
The security system also reported that the door was locked, causing them to think it was a false alarm.
It was not until the next afternoon that the staff arrived at the building that they realized that someone had smashed the road inside and escaped with property worth thousands of dollars.
The most frustrating thing for the staff is the theft of their digital archives, which include irreplaceable photo and art projects worth 20 years.
But on Saturday, after a media blitz, the news was posted on social media and spread across the community, and the Art City received a call saying they had digital files, willing to return it by cash reward.
\"He suddenly called and said he would return the item for the cash reward.
This happened on Saturday.
In addition, some local pawnshops have provided us with some of our items, including a 3D printer and several digital cameras.
\"I don\'t know how this person got through, he knows that the backup drive is something we desperately look for, but none of the other items are available, so it\'s clear that the word is coming to them.
\"Ruth said he did not want to guess whether the person who returned the file was a thief, but pointed out that he refused to enter the art city for security camera reasons.
He also didn\'t want to say how much cash was awarded.
\"We\'re not talking about a lot of money, but any amount is important for organizations like us that have a budget.
\"Despite that, we have a lot of relief,\" he said . \"When the break-
In the event of this, the thief, due to a blind spot in the room where the digital device is stored, is able to avoid being found on the security camera.
Ruth said they had received suggestions to strengthen security.
\"We have to make changes.
We have received a lot of suggestions and we are discussing with our alarm company.
This is a cautionary tale in many ways.
But in the end, we just want to thank the community because they have the main responsibility for this result . \"
\"It\'s nice to know that the community really does rally when we make a call for help.
We just want to thank all of you for your support and make sure that similar things don\'t happen anymore. \"ryan.
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