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stone sculptures smashed by isil in ancient city of palmyra restored to former glory by italian experts

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
The priceless stone carvings smashed by Islamic State extremists with hammers in the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria have been carefully repaired by Italian experts with the help of laser scanning and 3D printers.
2nd century crematorium-a man, another woman-was destroyed by Isis terrorists after occupying the archaeological site and its museum in 2015.
When Syrian and Russian forces recaptured the old desert outpost, the artifacts were quickly sent to the safe area of Beirut.
They were then sent to Rome and over the past two months experts have used Italy\'s strong cultural heritage expertise to repair the damage.
Technicians use lasers to scan the broken surfaces of these two numbers, and then use sophisticated 3D printers to make resin parts to replace stone debris lost during the isis rampage.
The man was particularly badly smashed and his half face was missing.
Roman experts made a \"prosthetic leg\" for the lost face \".
It is movable, so it can be reconnected if the original stone fragments are found.
With the help of six small magnets, the prosthetic limb is attached to the stone statue.
Gisella Capponi, director of the Italian Institute for Conservation and restoration, said: \"resin artificial limbs are coated with a very fine layer of stone dust, making them mixed with the original stones, and this work is carried out.
\"We are very honored to be able to restore these extraordinary artifacts that have been so brutally destroyed by Isis.
\"The Institute was founded in 1939 and has decades of experience in the painting of works of art in Pompeii and Rome, the tomb of Etruscan and the paintings of Renaissance masters such as caravacho.
Isil was kicked out of Palmira in last March, but it re-occupied the ancient site in December.
\"There is a small window between Isis\'s deportation and their return,\" said Francisco Rutley, former minister of culture and now head of the Cultural Heritage Association.
\"Unfortunately, Palmyra has once again become a conflict zone.
But at least these extraordinary works have been saved.
\"The restoration of artifacts is for Khaled al-Asaad, the 82-year-
Rutelly said that Palmira\'s head of antiquities refused to disclose the location of the artifacts he had removed for safekeeping and was beheaded by Isis terrorists.
Although Palmira was part of the Roman Empire, it was believed that the man and woman came from a family of wealthy local businessmen.
The inscriptions on Bu are Greek and Aramaic, not Latin.
\"When I saw the state of depression, I felt very sad and painful,\" said Daria Montemaggiori, a member of the recovery team . \".
The depression will return to Syria by the end of this month-they will be kept in Damascus until Isilare is deported from Palmyra again, the site is considered safe.
The noble appearance of this man in Roman costume
Toga and the woman who carved jewelry around her neck and the headscarf she wore reflected
Experts say the importance of time in Palmira.
\"This is a very important trading town.
It deals with a range of valuable things, including ostriches, slaves, olive oil, gems and textiles, \"said Frances Pinnock, Professor of Ancient Near East archaeology at the University of Pienza in Lhasa, Rome.
\"It was part of the Roman Empire, but later fought against Rome.
The couple represent the elite of Palmira, mostly wealthy businessmen.
On Monday, Russia released the latest drone footage of the latest damage caused by the irsila militants in Palmyra.
Drone footage shows Isis seriously vandalizing the Roman facade.
Times theater and Tetris
A set of four pillars, each in the center of the corridor road leading to the theater.
The video seems to show that only two of the 16 columns remain standing.
Syrian government forces took part in a new offensive to retake the city and advance it to less than 12 miles from world heritage.
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