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stop everything: this gadget allows you to print 3d nutella deserts

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
We are serious and don\'t do anything-it\'s Wednesday afternoon and you didn\'t do anything anyway.
Because someone has invented a gadget that allows you to print 3D in Natra.
After creating an attachment at Canadian company that can be attached to any home 3D printer that enables it to be printed with soft material, we would like to thank this amazing scientific breakthrough.
They have only produced prototypes so far, but today launched a campaign to get funding to produce at least 100 of the \"paste extruder \".
The Kickstarter event page explains: \"There are already 3D printers specifically designed to print different types of food or silicone.
Our products are different as we allow you to use the printers already in your home.
\"You can get your own extruder by committing $249. Go, do it now.
The team initially wanted to raise $30,000 (CAD)
But it\'s over $53,000 (and climbing)
There are 34 days of fundraising.
That\'s how people love Natra.
The other soft materials that this gadget will allow you to print include drywall, silicone and another gemstone icing.
The Discov3ry paste extruder is clearly compatible with the most popular desktop 3D printer brands such as MakerBot, Ultimaker and printrbot.
So, basically, all you need to do is buy yourself a desktop 3D printer that promises $249 (about £135)
For your extruder, then you can print your own face at Natra. Simple.
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