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stratasys invests in direct 3d metal printing startup

by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
Facial recognition is everywhere.
From the shopping center to the workplace, there may be something scanning your face every day.
But facial recognition on your smartphone should protect your digital life from prying eyes instead of infringing your privacy.
But if you\'re an Android customer, move away from the screen now.
We tested four of the hottest phones running Google\'s operating system and Apple\'s iPhone to see how easy it is to hack them.
We use 3D. printed head.
All robots are fake.
However, Apple\'s mobile phone is not available.
Better two heads. . .
The head is printed on the back of Birmingham, USA. K.
I was taken to a dome.
Like a studio with 50 cameras.
They took a complete 3D image together.
The image is then loaded into the editing software where any errors can be eliminated.
For example, I have a missing nose.
The rear face then builds the model with a 3D printer that will pile up a layer of English gypsum powder.
Last point-
With ups and colors added, a live-size head can be prepared in a few days, all of which will take just over £ 300.
And then you\'re an incredible proud master, almost-
The spectral version of your own vision.
For our test, we used my own reality.
Life head registers facial recognition on five phones.
One iPhone X and four Android devices: LG G7 ThinQ, Samsung S9, Samsung Note 8 and one plus 6.
I then lift my fake head to the device to see if the device will unlock.
For all four Android phones, spoof face is able to turn on the phone, albeit to varying degrees.
The IPhone X is the only phone that will never be fooled.
There are some differences between the security of Android devices and hacking.
For example, when LG opens the brand new G7 for the first time, it actually warns users not to turn on facial recognition.
\"Face recognition is a secondary unlocking method that can make your phone less secure,\" it said . \" It points out that similar faces can unlock your phone.
So, in the initial test, 3D-
The printed head opens directly.
However, it seems that LG has updated the facial recognition feature during the shooting process, which makes it more difficult to turn on.
As an LG spokesperson told Forbes, \"with the second identification step and LG\'s advanced recognition by setting up the suggested, the facial recognition feature can be improved on the device.
LGconstantly is constantly seeking to improve its mobile phone on a regular basis by updating the stability and security of the device.
They added that facial recognition is seen as a \"secondary unlock function\" for someone else such as a PIN or fingerprint \".
Samsung S9 has a similar warning when registering.
\"Your phone may be unlocked by someone or something that looks like you,\" it notes . \".
\"If you only use face recognition, it will be less secure than using a pattern, PIN, or password.
However, it is strange that the first unlock option shown when setting up the device is face and iris recognition.
Although iris recognition has not been blurred by False Heads
Facial recognition is deceived in the eyes, although several different angles and lights need to be tried first.
The Note 8 has the ability to turn on \"faster recognition\" and the manufacturer\'s own options for slower access are less secure.
In this case, it doesn\'t matter because the head is unlocked on both settings, although it does take more effort to use the slower option in terms of lighting and angle.
The same is true for slower versions on S9 and LG, which proved to be more tricky. (
Samsung spokesman told Forbes: \"Facial recognition is a convenient move to turn on the phone-similar to\" swipe the card to unlock \".
We offer the highest level of biometric authentication-fingerprints and iris-to lock your phone and authenticate access to samsungpay or secure folders. \").
OnePlus 6 has neither a warning from other Android phones nor an option for slower but safer identification.
Some science fiction though.
Fi-style facial scan graphics when registering a face, the phone opens immediately when a fake head appears.
There is no doubt that this is the least secure of the devices we test.
spokesperson for OnePlus said: \"We designed face unlocking around convenience, and while we have taken corresponding measures to optimize its security, we always recommend that you use a password/PIN/fingerprint
Therefore, Face Unlock is not enabled for any security application such as bank or payment.
We have been working to improve all of our technology, including face unlocking.
\"There\'s no such luck with the iPhone X, though.
Apple\'s investment in technology
This makes the company work with Hollywood studios to create real masks to test facial ID
There is clearly a return.
It is impossible to break this model.
Microsoft seems to be doing a good job.
It\'s true that the new Windows Hello facial recognition does not accept fake heads either.
It\'s not surprising that the two most valuable companies in the world offer the best security.
Use your head instead of your face. Anyone worried that their device was damaged by fake head through our method or someone else\'s method, and perhaps should consider not using facial recognition at all.
Matt Lewis, research director at NCC Group, a network security contractor, suggested that instead, strong alphanumeric passwords are used.
\"Focus on the secret side, that is, the PIN and the password,\" he added . \".
\"The reality of any biometric technology is that they can be copied.
Anyone with enough time, resources and goals will invest in trying and deceiving these biometrics technologies.
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