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stratasys launches multi-material 3d printer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Stratasys Asia Pacific has just launched The Objet500 connected X3 color more
3D printer.
The name may be a bit of a mouthful mouth, but this means that this 3D printer is able to print up to three different materials at the same time and combine them to produce rigid, flexible parts, and/or transparent-
All in the same print.
In addition, by using color material, triple
The spray technology used by the Objet500 connecx3 can also print up to 46 color objects of different colors in one printing process.
The Objet500 connecx3 can print fine layers up to 16 microns to make prototypes with high detail. Become a versatile hand
Printer-based, Objet500 connecx3 makes 3D printing in the same way as a normal photo printer-
In addition to the dye, a liquid photosensitive polymer material is extruded by the 3D printer and then hardened (or “cured”)
Through exposure to ultraviolet light
The printer is geared towards the automotive, medical, fashion and sporting goods industries to facilitate the production of rapid and detailed prototypes. The price? Being a high-
The final product of Stratasys series, Objet500 connecxt3
3D printers are also expensiveUS$500,000 (about RM1. 6mil). ++++www. stratasys.
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