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stratasys releases first quarter 2019 financial results

by:Tuowei     2019-08-14
Stratasys released 2019 financial results in the first quarter, with revenue of $155 in the first quarter.
GAAP net loss of $2 in the first quarter. 3 million, or ($0. 04)
Diluted shares per share and non
GAAP net income is $5.
7 million, or $0.
Diluted business per share for Israel WireMINNEAPOLIS & REHOVOT £ 10--
Stratasys Limited, May 2, 2019(NASDAQ: SSYS)
Announced financial results for 2019.
Summary of Financial Results for the first quarter 2019: Revenue for 2019 was $155.
3 million, $153.
The same period last year was 8 million.
* The gross profit margin of GAAP is 49.
This quarter was 2%, the same as the same period last year. *Non-
The gross profit margin of GAAP is 52.
In the quarter of 0%, compared to 52.
The same period last year was 8%.
* GAAP operations lost $3 this quarter.
3 million, while operating losses of $6.
The same period last year was 5 million. *Non-
GAAP operating income for the quarter was $6.
8 million, non
GAAP operating income of $4.
The same period last year was 9 million.
* GAAP net loss for the quarter was $2. 3 million, or ($0. 04)
Diluted per share, net loss of $13. 0 million, or ($0. 24)
Diluted share per share in the same period last year. *Non-
GAAP net income for the quarter was $5.
7 million, or $0.
Diluted shares are 10 compared to non-diluted shares
Net income of $2 GAAP.
7 million, or $0.
05/diluted share, reported in the same period last year.
* The company created $4.
6 million of operating cash for the first quarter ended at $367.
8 million of cash and cash equivalents.
\"We are satisfied with the ranking in the first quarter --
The result of the line is that the participation in the course continues to perform strongly, and we have seen North America in the past few quarters, showing the stability of oursystems and materials in our country\'s largest market \"Elchanan (Elan)
Jaglom, interim chief executive of Stratasys.
\"We are also wrong with us.
GAAP profitability in the first quarter demonstrates our continued commitment to controlling costs and achieving shareholder value.
The new products we have recently launched have attracted great interest from our customers and expanded our addressable market, and we look forward to releasing more announcements during 2019 and 2020.
\"At the recent additive manufacturing user group meeting, the company issued an announcement on the following new products and features that it believes will expand its addressable market, and strengthen it in fast and highrealism multi-color, multi-
3d printing of materials.
* F120 3D printer-Industrial-
Grade system for new customers for additive manufacturing.
The Stratasys F123 platform offers the benefits of reliable, accurate and repeatable 3D printing at an affordable price, which is designed specifically for designers, engineers and educators.
* V6 50 flexible stereo printing 3D printer-first commercial of stratasy-
Access to the stereo printing market, combined with the power of large printing plants
With an open, configurable environment and granular extension system
Tune in a wide range of available resin.
* Stratasys J750 and J735 printers are now the first and only official to recognize as \"Pantone-
Verified \"-allows simultaneous color communication between the designer, the modeler, and the manufacturer.
Financial Guidance: Stratasys today reiterated the following information on the company\'s guidance on projected income and net income as of fiscal 2019: * income guidance from $670 to $0. 7 billion.
* GAAP net loss of $22 to $12 million, or ($0. 40)to ($0. 22)
Diluted per share*Non-
GAAP net income is $30 to $38 million, or $0. 55 to $0.
70 per share after dilution.
Stratasys also reiterated the following guidance on the company\'s projected performance and strategic plan for 2019: * Non-
GAAP operating profit margin 5. 5% to 6. 5%.
: Capital expenditures are projected at $45 to $60 million.
Given the continued negative impact of non-recorded tax incentives on expectations in the United States. S.
Non-tax losses to the company
GAAP net income, which the company considers
GAAP operating income is the best measure of its performance. Non-
GAAP income guidance does not include an estimated amortization of $32 million in tangible assets;
$20 to $22 million per share
Basic compensation costs;
Restructuring-related costs and other costs of $1 to $2 million;
Including taxadjustments ($3)to ($4)
Millions or moreGAAP items. Stratasys Ltd.
Q1 2019 Conference call details the company plans to hold a conference call on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 8: 30 to discuss its first quarterly financial results. m. (ET).
The investor conference call will be available on the investor\'s stratasys website via live webcast. stratasys. com;
Or directly at the following URL: attend by phone, domestic dial-up-in number is (866)394-
5776 International dialingin is (409)350-3596.
Access Code is 2949608.
Investors are advised to call at least ten minutes before registration.
This webcast will be available for 90 days on the \"Investment Relations\" page of the Stratasys website or through the web address provided by the visit.
Stratasys is a global leader in additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology and a manufacturer of FDM®And PolyJet™3D printer
The company\'s technology is used to manufacture prototypes, manufacturing tools and production parts for industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, consumer goods and education.
For 30 years, Stratasys products have helped manufacturers reduce their products
Development time, cost and time-to-
Reduce or eliminate mold cost and improve product quality.
Stratasys 3D printing ecosystem with solutions and expertise includes: 3D printers, materials, software, expert services and online
Production of demand parts. Online at:www. stratasys. com, LinkedIn.
Stratasys is a registered trademark and Stratasys signet is a trademark of Stratasys Co. , Ltd.
And/or its subsidiaries or affiliates.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Warning statement on forwarding
Outlook statement in this press release on stratasy strategy and statement on its expected financial performance in the future, including financial guidance on its expected results for 2019
Forward-looking statements that reflect current expectations and beliefs of management. These forward-
In essence, forward-looking statements are based on current information, which can change rapidly or suddenly.
Due to the risks and uncertainties associated with stratasy\'s business, the actual results may differ materially from these forward forecasts or implied results
Look at the report.
These risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to: market acceptance of our 3D printers, high
Performance systems and consumables, and the software and technology contained in these systems;
Due to the potential decline in demand or price or sales of our products and services, both in specific markets and in 3D printing markets, demand has declined;
Our portfolio may shift in a lower direction.
Provide a profit product or revenue portfolio for our AMservices business;
The impact of competition and new technologies;
Due to the impairment of additional goodwill or other intangible assets, we may need a potential further fee charged on the income;
Failure to successfully complete acquisition or investment in new business, technology, products or services;
Risks associated with our relationship with suppliers, distributors and independent sales agents and our operations at the manufacturing site;
Risks related to the international scope of our operational and regulatory compliance (
Including reports, the environment
Corruption and other regulatory compliance)
Related to the scope of the business;
Risks related to the security of our information systems (
Including risks related to potential networksattacks);
Changes in the overall global economic environment or the political and economic conditions of the countries in which we operate;
Changes in our strategy;
Costs and potential liability related to litigation and regulatory procedures;
And those additional factors mentioned in item 3.
Key Information-
Risk Factors \", item 4,\" Company Information \", Item 5,\" Operational and Financial Review and Outlook \", and all other parts of our annual report
F for the year ended December 31, 2018 (
Annual Report 2018 \")
To the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”)
March 7, 2019.
We urge readers to carefully review and consider the various information disclosed in our 2018 Annual Report and the foreign private issuer\'s report on Form 6
K. attached are stratasy\'s unaudited, condensed consolidated financial statements as of the third quarter and as of the third quarter, as well as a review of the results of operations and financial position for the period, reports submitted to the SEC on or before the date of this agreement, and other reports we submit or provide to the SEC, intended to advise interested parties on risks and factors that may affect our business, financial position, operational results and prospects.
Any guidance and other advance provided-
Forward-looking statements are made in this press release as of the date of this agreement and Stratasys is not obliged to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements
Forward-looking statements, whether due to new information, future events or other reasons, unless required by the Articles of Association. Use of non-
General Accounting Measurement
The GAAP data contained here does not include certain items described below
GAAP Financial indicators.
Our management believes
GAAP Financial indicators are useful information for investors and shareholders of our company to measure the results of our operations (x)
After not including merger, acquisition and divestiture, relink or gain and restructure on an ongoing basis-
Related fees or benefits, and (y)excluding non-
Cash items such as inventory-
Acquisition of amortization of tangible assets based on compensation costs, including amortization of intangible assets related to equity investment, Impairment of long-term assets
Living assets, and the corresponding tax effects of these projects. These non-
GAAP adjustments either do not reflect actual cash expenditures that affect our liquidity and financial position or do not
The recurring impact of management assessments on operating statements. These non-
To gain a more comprehensive understanding of how management evaluates our performance for internal planning and forecasting purposes, the GAAP financial metrics were introduced to investors.
Use these non
GAAP financial measures as performance measures are that they provide a view of the results of our operations, without including all the items for the period described above, this may not provide a comparable view of our performance for other companies in our industry.
Investors and other readers should consider
GAAP is only used as a supplement to the financial performance measures prepared according to GAAP, not as an alternative or superior measure.
Accepted accounting principles for reconciliation between Resultson and non-
The following table provides the basis for GAAP.
Stratasys Ltd.
Consolidated Balance Sheet (Unaudited)(
Thousands, Except shared data)
March 31 in December 31, 2019 2018 assets at present assetscash and debt $367,843 $393,167 of receivable accounts Net 128,420 138,146 inventory 131,731 123,524 Net investment sales-
Type rental 2,193 2,658 pre-pay cost 7,750 6,398 other flow assets 21,023 20,278 flow assets total 658,960 684,171 non-
Net investment in current asset sales-type leases -
965 a 1,552 cm long termproperty plant and equipment, net 188,255 188,150 reputation 385,612 385,849 Other intangible assets, net 101,486 107,274 business rental rightof-
Use assets 27,408Other non-
Flow assets 22,456 21,258 non-
Current assets 726,182 704,083 Total assets $1,385,142 $1,388,254 debt and share capital currently liabiliitiesaccounts part of the long-term payment of $43,033 $45,855-
5,143 Accrued expenses and other flows 29,831 39,115 liabilities accrued remuneration and related 35,516 31,703 benefits Deferred income 53,997 53,965 operating lease liabilities-
Short term 9,439-
Total current liabilities 171,816 175,781
Current capacity-
Regular debt
22,000 Deferred tax liability 1,391 1,662 Deferred income-long-
Operating lease liabilities 17,307-18,422
18,481-long termOther non-
Current liabilities 28,474 non-27,422
Flow liabilities 65,653 69,506 Total liabilities 237,469 245,287 can redemption non-
809 shares of 852 shares, NIS 0.
01 face value, authorized 180,000 shares;
540. 48 million shares and 53,881 146 146,000 shares and outstandingat received on March 31, 2019, December 31, 2018
Accumulated other comprehensive losses of capital 2,687,499 2,681,048 (7,185 )(7,753 )
Cumulative deficit (1,533,596 )(1,531,326 )
Total equity 1,146,864 1,142,115 Total liabilities and equity $1,385,142 $1,388,254 Stratasys Ltd.
Comprehensive Business Report (
Thousands of copies, except for data per share)
2018 for the three months ended March 31, 2019 (unaudited)(unaudited)
Net salesproducts $105,091 $103,917 service salesproducts 44,169 45,218 the 50,209 cm 49,916 cm 155,300 cm 153,833 cm of 34,674 cm 32,965 cm 78,843 cm 78,183 cm total profit 76,457 75,650 expensesresearch and development work net 22,574 25,110 for sale, general and administrative 57,154 cm 57,005 cm 79,728 cm 82,115 cm loss (3,271 )(6,465 )
Fiscal revenue, net pre-tax loss of 753 (2,518 )(6,457 )
Income tax cost accounted for profit of 1,218 601 (losses)
Associated 1,423 (6,073 )
Net loss of the company (2,313 )(13,131 )
Net non-attributable loss
Control (43 )(90 )
Net loss of equity attributable to Stratasys Ltd. $ (2,270 )$ (13,041 )
Net loss of common stock per share attributable to stratasys Ltd.
Basic $ (0. 04 )$ (0. 24 )
Dilution (0. 04 )(0. 24 )
Basic 53,966 53,657 dilution 53,966 53,657 Stratasys Ltd.
The accepted accounting principles of reconciliation, no.
Results of GAAP operations for the three months ended March 31, 2019
Generally accepted accounting principles 2019 2018
General accounting 2018 adjustment of accounting standards
Adjustment of accounting standards Non-GAAP
American GAAPS.
Thousands of dollars and stocks (
Except the amount per share)
Total profit $76,457 $4,252 $80,709 $75,650 $5,599 $81,249 (1)
Operating income (loss)(3,271 )
10,075 6,8046,465 )
11,387 4,9221,2)
Net income (loss)
Attributable (2,270 )
7,927 5,65713,041 )
Distance Stratasys limited the company 15,763 2,722 mi/(1,2,3)
Net income (loss)
Diluted shares per share $ (0. 04 )$ 0. 14 $ 0. 10 $ (0. 24 )$ 0. 29 $ 0.
05 belongs to Stratasys Co. , Ltd. (4)
Intangible acquisition (1)
Assets 3,898 non-amortized expenses 5,204Cash in stock-
Compensation Fee M & A based on 354 387
8 Related expenses 4,252 5,599 acquisition intangible (2)
Assets 1,889 non-amortized expenses 2,558Cash in stock-
According to for sale factory of 3,875 3,028 compensation cost recombinant and other 59 1,671 related cost and-
(1,563 )
Property acquisition-
94 related expenses 5,823 5,788 10,075 11,3873)
Corresponding (544 )
(792 )
Tax effect income of equity withdrawal ,(1,604 )
5,168 related writing
Weighted average of balance and instalment $7,927 $15,763 (4)
General 53,966 54,477 52,690 53,341 stock-
Diluted Stratasys Ltd.
The accepted accounting principles of reconciliation, no.
GAAP prospective guide 2019 (
Millions, except for data per share)
Net loss ($22)to ($12)
Adjust inventory-
Basic compensation costs $20 to $22 Amortization of intangible assets $32 restructuring related costs $1 to $2 tax charges (Income)related to Non-
Adjustment of general accounting standards in the United States ($4)to ($3)
Net income of $30 to $38 per share ($0. 40)to ($0. 22)
Diluted earnings of $0 per share. 55 to $0.
70 view the source code version on business wire.
Contact: Vice President, Investor Relations, Stratasys-Lloyd
Investor Relations. Stratasys at Lloyd.
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