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student reading contest winner | internet surveillance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
From Monday to Sunday
We will announce the winners and runners
Prepare for a different week of our Summer Reading Contest.
Below, Adele Griffin of Random House and four other young adult writers pick their favorite pieces from the first week.
Take part in this week\'s competition here before the evening of July 4.
The New York Times Summer Reading Contest presented our jury at the kids at Random House, who had all sorts of participation and thoughtful views that it was not easy to pick winners on the beach.
However, we have unambiguously unified 15-year-
Old Simi from Atlanta, Georgia.
The response to the article is that the tech giant wants to disclose data requests.
In commenting on the article, the author not only established a strong platform for opinion, but also provided many independent and dynamic ideas that felt like an invitation to further wonderful conversations.
On this topic, simi Kumar\'s insight and thinking power has won my personal support: who knows you best in the world?
Many people say \"my parents\" or \"my best friends\" and \"God\" or \"me\" smart friends \".
Correct answer: Internet.
We live in a world where our most trusted confidant is not a childhood friend we met when we were six, but a rectangular box on Google\'s homepage.
Internet monitoring projects are being carried out by technology giants.
Google search queries are presented as evidence in criminal trials, Facebook pages help analyze suspects, and Twitter feed is viewed carefully by people whose job is to know everything about you.
Institutions have the ability to browse every Facebook status of potential students, such as The Morning Post.
Some people protest the prism because it violates privacy and others protest it because it has the potential to expose their greatest fears and the most disturbing issues.
With the request of the nsa described in the above article, everything about it has come to life.
What surprised me most was the intense cooperation between these private entities and governments, which restored practice in the global era of imperialism.
In the 1600 s
The stock companies act as valuable contacts between the government and their colonies, which
East India, UK.
Such cooperation is used as a strategic strategy to maintain people\'s power.
Today, the world\'s tech giants are equivalent to allies of the sailing government;
The profound demand for information is equivalent to the historical demand for the original resources.
Thomas Friedman outlined globalization in the book The World Is Flat.
Globalization 1.
The government has contributed 0 times, twice.
By multinational companies 0.
Globalization 3.
Therefore, with the support of the World Wide Web, the integration of the two has promoted 0.
The striking similarities between colonial and modern times are inspiring and frightening.
This power can trigger the domino effect of damage.
The government may have a reasonable intention in using this information, but once it crosses this line, it is not known what the consequences will be. The Runners-
Up: Congrats Devin from suwani, Georgia.
Fiona from Honolulu, Hawaii from ashwaa, Sacramento, California
David from Winston. Salem, N. C. !
Below, each of our judges comments on one of the entries and selects a short excerpt from each entry.
Daniel Krause, author of \"Skole\", in Devin\'s post on \"Art of Brick: Devin, his answer shows a keen awareness of how to engage critically and personally and to the artist\'s intentions.
More importantly, Devin did not flinch from a head into creative speculation, which is the first step in successfully responding to art with art-the art of writing-in this case.
This exhibition by artist Nathan Sawaya is an embodiment of the human experience and journey.
From a distance, these beautifully complex and gorgeous sculptures look smooth and flawless, but with the reduced viewing distance, visible sharp angles and rough edges increase.
In any other work of art, these jagged edges will be considered imperfect and will reduce the value of art;
Sawaya, however, does not comply with these standards because he is creating a reflection of human life.
As human beings, we grow and develop, which is the definition of dynamics.
As we travel through life, we have the highest, lowest, best memories, and most intuition --
The pain of regret.
These experiences along the way, life once, become part of us and begin to describe who we are.
Like the sculptures in Nathan sawaya exhibition, we are masterpieces of countless mistakes and imperfections.
Every single standing Lego or mistake does not tell any story, but when they are combined with other Lego of their kind, they begin to develop the most wonderful and unprecedented story we call life.
Amy Kristin Parker, author of the door, in Fiona\'s post, tells the telephone record of journalists detained in the United StatesS.
I really enjoyed being part of the random family judges Group for this week\'s competition.
It was impressive that the contestants expressed their ideas about the articles they chose.
It\'s not easy to choose one as our winner because each runner-
Up also did a great job.
I was attracted to this entry by Fiona.
She is good at expression and impassioned, and the article has a personal connection to her own life, which makes her work stand out.
Like many Americans, I was shocked when I first learned that the Obama administration had mastered the telephone records of journalists working for The Associated Press, the world\'s largest news agency.
I never thought that the federal government\'s concerns about the news leak would ignore the US government. S.
The Constitution and Bill of Rights.
My father is the editor-in-chief of a newspaper and my mother started her career in. P.
So this is an important topic for my family.
All families should talk about the scandal.
Americans should talk more about this invasion because it affects us more than we realize.
First Amendment of the United StatesS.
The constitution stipulates that Americans have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
The Obama administration has threatened that right.
Without free media, we would not know the truth about the government and its actions. The A. P.
Spread the most information in all news media, so. P.
It means a violation of all news.
. . . . . . Americans should care more about America. P. scandal.
Freedom of speech gives us the right to access information that is not filtered by the government, and also gives journalists the right to tell the truth without worrying that they will be monitored.
The Obama administration has threatened this right. as Americans, it is our job to talk about it openly.
Robin Waisman, author of awake darkness, wrote in ashtile\'s post about 3d printers making things you need or like: ashtile to 3-
Printing is eloquent and thoughtful.
Behind the seemingly innocuous innovation, the ghost of the dystopian future is aroused.
She made us aware of the unexpected social consequences of \"shiny\" technological advances and made a compelling argument that these questions are important to answer before we can answer them in the future
With the advancement of science and technology, the role of society and individuals in it is constantly changing.
In order to take advantage of and benefit from the new technologies available, we have changed our lives.
Are these changes really for the better?
We have made up all kinds of communication, but they seem to be less and less human.
Society has adapted to ways of communicating like Facebook or text messages, suggesting that we see them as assets that are good for society.
As discussed in the article
Make a printer of what you need or like
Printers are a new form of technology.
They opened up a new field of possibilities. With 3-
Printer at home, can change door handle or repair washing machine with just a few mouse clicks, make us more selfreliant.
What is the social impact of Labor mechanization?
This could lead to a surge in unemployment. The 3-
The printer creates extra plastic objects.
While clever ideas may be designed, many of these plastic products will eventually be landfill.
Now, society is asking a question.
D printers have been commercialized.
Will we accept this and move on?
Or will measures be taken to avoid 3-
There are D printers in every family?
3-Social impact
In the heated debate on the right of citizens to carry weapons, the printers entered the constitutional level.
It has been proved that a working gun can be manufactured using 3-1
D printer and cheap.
Whether the blueprint for guns should be shared with the public raises controversy.
Thought at first 3-
D The printer seems to be the solution to the problem.
We can solve numerous family problems independently.
Being able to print out human tissue may be in the near future with 3-D printer.
However, with our in-depth study of it, a 3-
The printer may not be that shiny.
Is the future worth sacrifice?
Matt de la Pena, author of the living man, in David\'s words about \"I know what you think of me: david responded beautifully and thoughtfully to Tim Clyde\'s article on social anxiety.
He\'s connected to that. and the issue)
From a personal point of view, and then from a social point of view, anxiety ends his comments with a wise final harvest.
I know what you think of me, which allows me to consider not only the social anxiety issues that I am personally very familiar with, but also the broader topic of human ability to love and condemn.
Kreder wrote in a rather humorous tone about his own experience of discomfort arising from criticism and judgment, demonstrating the laughability of human beings in the normal response to this experience.
Who can take himself so seriously to expect the same admiration of others?
We laugh at the behemoths and dictators who take extreme measures to mark themselves.
There is such an impression in everyone\'s mind, but most of us subconsciously get the same respect from the people around us.
But this column also makes me think about what people can do to alleviate the pain that is known to them.
It is a fallacy that we must accept unconditional love.
It sounds like a pretty harsh wake-up. up call.
But from another point of view, it really fits into the concept of true compassion, which is at the heart of many ethical philosophies.
In order to see yourself in others, you must be able to appreciate and respect the ability of others to judge you.
In the end, we can not only take each other more seriously, but also recognize each other\'s humanity more deeply.
This may be a panacea for social anxiety, but it helps to make human interaction look better than it is.
Kreider\'s call made us realize the wonderful expression of each other\'s internal complexity.
Somehow it sounds simple to take people seriously by recognizing their irrational nature.
Comments are no longer accepted.
Monsters and zombies beat the box office of Brooks Barnes. In the article \"monsters and zombies beat the box office\", Brooks Barnes discussed some of the film\'s performance at the box office last weekend.
The author continues to explain in the article how much money the movie monster University, World War Z, and Iron Man make.
The author also explained that after the World War, Monster University made the most money and then made a lot of money.
What I\'m interested in this article is that the author describes the box office of every movie he talked about last weekend.
He also said that World War Z was going to cost a lot of money and he told the author to show a lot of details in the article.
Cross City 14, FL/gadgetwise. blogs. nytimes.
5/What I\'m interested in about this article is how it talks about the iPhone 5.
I own the IPhone 4S.
I will not exchange my mobile phone for the world.
I like the development of technology. now the charging of mobile phones has become portable.
I hate to plug my phone into the wall, and because of the short wire, it is only allowed to move to certain places when charging.
I hope to have a permanent battery life while on the road.
If you think about it, Duracell is a battery manufacturing company, so that\'s correct only if the company makes batteries for portable devices like iphone and Galaxy.
The idea of a charger case was first launched in 2009.
So it\'s not something that just happened, it\'s been around for a while.
Duracell calls it Powermat, which actually charges the phone with sensing technology.
But don\'t be too excited because the technology used for the charging case is not yet included in the Apple device, so Apple should come up with a Powersnap Kit (
Including iPhone 5 access and SnapBattery.
The kit is priced at $100 and can be e-in Duracell-
Websites of other retailers.
Duracell also introduced Powermat technology in the Starbucks area of Boston.
Schmidt (
Author of the article)
He also tested his iPhone at a Starbucks location.
\"They work very well, even the cracked phone, charging him the moment he put it down,\" he said \".
So does the wireless carrier have a Duracell portable charger?
Duracell is currently in talks with wireless operators to apply the technology to smartphones.
But before that, I will continue to wait for the release of Duracell\'s portable charger case, and like some, I will be one of the first to buy it.
An article written by Roni Caryn Rabin has aroused my interest because I feel that this issue is often present in our time and I have to share my opinion on depression, and how to use drugs or prescriptions when not needed.
Depression is similar to sadness, but depression is the extreme of sadness, and I feel that this article involves not only some people\'s classification of themselves, it also involves some \"educated\" doctors declaring that they or their patients will be depressed when things do not develop as they wish, but that does not mean that they should declare that they are depressed, doctors should not assess a depressed person either.
As stated in the article, there are only 38.
4% of participants met the criteria for depression.
Assess a person and claim that their feet are broken and it is wrong to say that their feet are injured because they may be wearing shoes that are too small.
I fully agree that doctors need to improve their diagnostic skills because there is no medication given to people with bad hair, drugs cannot be wasted or given to people who are suffering and dealing with crime or abuse victims, this is a very difficult thing to deal.
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