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style q&a: lanabetty brings 3d printing technology to jewelry designs

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Will you wear a piece of jewelry printed from a 3D printer?
Before you answer this question, you may want to look at the products offered by LanaBetty jewelry. The Vancouver-
The jewelry-based collection features gemstone earrings, geometric rings and custom cursive necklaces with a value of one second (and third look).
Especially once you understand how they are made.
Lana Lepe, the designer behind the brand, talked with post-media news about her design, ethical sourcing, and pushing the limits of 3D design: ask lanaBetty what is jewelry?
Designer Lana Lepp behind Vancouver
Jewelry brand LanaBetty.
LanaBetty is a contemporary jewelry store located in Vancouver.
My studio is located next to the Main Street and Broadway Street of Mount Pleasant, overlooking our beautiful city and charming mountains.
I combine 3D printing with traditional techniques to make contemporary jewelry in geometric style.
Each one is made of the best materials and supplies I have.
Q: How do you describe the beauty of design?
A: The design aesthetics of LanaBetty is absolutely modern and geometric.
I prefer sharp corners and striking graphic elements because it does challenge people\'s understanding of the huge differences between 3D printing and traditional technology.
Q: Do you have a formal background in jewelry design, or is it more of a passion project?
A: As I grew up, I never knew that jewelry design was a very important thing.
I studied hard and got a bachelor\'s degree.
He studied biology at Columbia University in the UK and immediately started his career in food safety and quality analysis.
Once the school is over, the day-to-day work of \"real work\" begins and I find myself very boring.
It\'s not that my job is not exciting, it\'s that I don\'t really challenge myself.
I haven\'t learned anything new.
A few years after graduation, I started to make jewelry by myself.
I made some very bad jewelry at first
It\'s terrible.
But my friends encourage me and I continue to develop my skills and aesthetics.
When I moved to Vancouver in 2011 and learned how competitive the local artisans were, I became very excited.
Finally, challenge!
Since then I have worked hard and swallowed up all the online tutorials, videos and DIY while mixing in oneon-
Learn a studio course with Goldsmith, jeweler, engineer, graphic designer and stone craftsman.
Q: The 3D geometric elements you designed are really cool!
What can you share about this?
A: It\'s really interesting to take out this very logical rule.
Design elements for 3D and crush them into creative channels that I have developed.
In terms of design, we really live in what we used to call the future.
If I can imagine it and create a matching 3D model, there is a machine somewhere that can turn it into a real solid object.
In fact, my love of rules and logic is the most important thing.
Q: What types of \"rules\" are there \"?
A: To design 3D printing, you must thoroughly understand the specifications of the printer, the technology of printing and how to convert printing from 2D to 3D.
I basically added the logical lens to my design so that I can make jewelry that I can\'t find anywhere else in the world.
Q: What type of material do you use?
A: the materials I use are sterling silver, brass and 3D printed steel.
I chose to use ethical source sterling silver and components in my design and all my 3D printing was made in North America.
I even worked with a gem supplier from India that goes back to generations.
It\'s as good for me as local shopping because I know that my business with them can help them put dinner on the table directly.
Q: Where is your work made?
A: I make every piece myself in the studio.
My 3D print is prototyped in my studio and I use an open
Collective manufacturer of steel, brass and sterling silver for printing my work in North America --
When I want to print it really depends on which printers are available.
Q: What new news is there in autumn and winter?
A: In the spring and summer series of 2017, I have released three new series and officially released the fourth series.
There are Art Deco, Flora, fresh pop music and quotes.
These collections are doing very well and I am happy to add some new pieces to each collection in the fall.
. . . . . . The design and price range are perfect for women at large.
I designed some flirting and fun designs for those young inside and for women who know what they want and understand high quality designs.
Q: What is the price of your work?
A: The price of my product ranges from $22 to $360.
Entry level products include my brass and sterling silver geometric earrings, and I started making 3D printing and casting silver statement pieces for $360.
Q: Where can people view it?
You can find my jewelry in nearly 30 stores in Canada!
To see the full list, check out my website, lanabetty. com.
I also took part in the local market and trade exhibition in person to show my design.
This Christmas, I will participate in the ring Arts (Nov. 8-12)
This is the first time ever.
Circle craft is a great community to be-
The holiday market shows more than 300 artists from across Canada.
Being included in my jewelry is an incredible honor.
This is a great opportunity to show how to combine traditional jewelry with non-traditional jewelry
Traditional technology.
Q: In the end, what are your ambitions for your brand?
A: There are no restrictions!
September is my second year to lead LanaBetty full time.
I had the opportunity to take this step in 2015, but I did not look back.
I have worked hard for my business and it starts to show.
My social media is growing rapidly and my jewelry has been on the cover of the magazine and displayed on print and TV.
My short term goal is to work more with bloggers, photographers and lifestyle editors, and my long term goal is to build a flagship studio/retail space to get into the US and Australian markets.
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