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Superior Technology And North American Expansion: Buy Voxeljet

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
Voxeljet (NYSE:VJET)
Developers of large 3D printers are among the victims of the recent negative emotions surrounding 3D inventory.
The company was defeated by Citroen in November 2013, with shares down 22% in the past three months and 27% in the last month alone.
However, the company\'s valuation has maintained a growth of about 9% since the IPO.
This is based on a recent interview by Joseph Kowen, vice president of marketing and sales at Voxeljet, with a brief update on Voxeljet\'s prospects and competitive positioning, followed by recent investor expectations for 3D shares, the valuation was revised. Mr.
Kowen, who recently interviewed AZoM, highlighted several of Voxeljet\'s competitive advantages in the interview.
He also clarified the application of his company\'s products in different industries such as cars and health care.
The recent development of competitive advantage the company held an IPO back in 2013 and is now implementing a plan to deploy the funds generated.
Funds will be used: Adaptation of key information 3D printing obtained from interviews is basically a function of three variables.
As mentioned above, Voxeljet has a positive future prospect due to its relatively high printer speed and low material cost.
It cannot be considered to be at the same level as the 3D system and Stratasys, but it has the ability to take advantage of the industrial foundry equipment market.
Another thing Voxeljet needs to pay attention to is that it receives almost equal revenue from the service and printer sales departments.
Even if the demand for printers in the future remains sluggish due to high manufacturing costs and prices, the service sector will grow as it is for prototyping, casting equipment and on-
Require finished parts for testing purposes.
The main points of this interview are as follows: the price-earnings ratio of the valuation industry is used to reach the price target.
The use of P/S is due to the fact that revenue does not reflect current growth in the 3D industry, as most of the revenue is consumed in R & D.
Even if the market value drops, our price target for Voxeljet shows great growth potential.
Bottom LineVoxeljet is a competitive 3D printing company that specializes in casting and molds.
Since Voxeljet\'s products save costs and time than traditional tool methods, it is expected that the expansion of the service business in North America and Asia will generate revenue growth.
In our view, Voxeljet is a buyer despite the negative impact of the 3D printing industry.
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