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Supply prototype model-3-day delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-06- 12 08:02

The prototype made by the manufacturer of the supply prototype model mainly reflects the creativity of product appearance and structural design in the form of physical objects, in order to better discover the shortcomings and shortcomings of product development, reduce risks, avoid losses and save costs.

last week, Mr. Ye found the extension model through the network, in fact, before the extension model, Mr. Ye was looking for other homes to do it, but the manufacturer of the supply prototype model was a small workshop, the quality and required tolerances of the products made in that family made Mr. Ye very dissatisfied and wasted a lot of time, so that it was time to make an aluminum alloy prototype in the extension model.

However, after 24-hour processing of the extension model, and the prototype masters work overtime independently. Mr. Ye got the prototype that satisfied him after 3 days and took it to open the mold production, and did not miss the opportunity to market the product because of time. Tuowei model supply prototype model manufacturers have 17 years of experience in hardware prototype model production, and more than 50 high-precision processing equipment processes the prototype model 24 hours a day 1-7 days global delivery, small batch processing 3-Global Delivery in 15 days; Consider the extension model if necessary.

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