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u.s. group makes working gun with 3d printer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
The world\'s first 3D
The printing gun fired the first shot.
Cody Wilson, 25, showed off a plastic gun called Liberator in the YouTube video \"Dawn of weapons on Wiki.
\"Students and self at the University of Texas Law School
Description \"encryption-
The Anarchy \"has been working to build the 3D of crowdsourcing-
The Ministry of Defense Distributed printed guns through his company.
Our goal is to show the United StatesS.
Government of guns
When Americans can print their guns at home, it makes no sense to control the law.
The organization even created a Printable AK-47 magazine.
\"Guns are in demand --there just is.
Wilson told the BBC that there are states all over the world that say you can\'t own guns, which is no longer the fact that this is the first test site for Liberators in Austin.
\"I see a world where technology tells you that you can have almost anything you want.
It no longer depends on political participants.
\"It\'s legal to make 3D technology.
American printing gunS.
As long as it is used by individuals and not a weapon of the National Firearms Act. However, U. S.
Congressman Steve Israel has called for a complete ban on them.
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