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u200b3d printer cleared for lift-off to iss in august

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
\"NASA is able to provide key guidance on how best to comply with tough space certification, safety and operational requirements, and space manufacturing is good at incorporating this insight into design, niki Werkheiser, NASA\'s 3D project manager, said in a statement on Thursday.
\"Space manufacturing now has the first one.
Hand experience of all-
\"Design, build and test the Z-flow of aerospace hardware,\" he added . \".
3D printers use a unique technology called extrusion additive manufacturing that builds objects layer by layer from polymers, metals and other raw materials.
The technology means that objects can actually be made in space, which means that the need to launch components from Earth will be greatly reduced-making space exploration much cheaper and more efficient.
\"The ability to make space on demand will be a paradigm shift in the way space is developed, researched and explored,\" said Michael Snyder . \" The chief engineer of made in Space\'s R & D department told Space. com.
Testers at the Marshall Space Flight Center looked at a number of factors to determine whether the 3D printer was ready for space-including its ability to withstand the harsh test of launch, and its compatibility with other interfaces, the International Space Station.
Scientists and engineers have also tested a series of objects that the device prints on Earth.
The printer will join the next cargo mission of private company SpaceX, which will use its Dragon capsule to fly to NASA\'s space station sometime in August.
Once installed in the weightless science Glovebox of the space station (MSG)
It will print out 21 test parts and tools and return to Earth for analysis.
The 3D printer will achieve many goals in space, mainly testing additives-
The manufacturing process, as well as the availability of some components.
The idea is that when the experiment is over, a permanent 3D printer will be kept on the International Space Station.
\"Passing the final Test and delivering the hardware is an important milestone, but they end up causing a more meaningful problem-anyone on earth has the option to print objects on the ISS.
This is unprecedented access to space, \"said Aaron Kemmer, CEO of space.
Space Manufacturing was established in 2010 with the goal of achieving space manufacturing and is fundamentally impacting future space tasks.
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