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UAV prototype with exquisite appearance and high precision

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-11- 23 11: 46

now many enterprises need to make prototypes after the design of new product drawings to detect whether the structure, appearance and size of the products are reasonable, so after a new product is developed, you will go to a prototype factory to verify it. The same is true of the drone prototype. There are many UAV prototypes in Shenzhen. What kind of UAV prototype factory is better to choose?

some time ago, Mr. Yang found the extension model and made a prototype of the drone. , it is mainly made of ABS material CNC prototype processing, but this product has a large arc at the corner of a component. If it is processed completely, it will be higher in price, however, the disassembly is much cheaper, so it is made by means of disassembly.

after the gong is finished, after the steps of fuel injection, polishing and silk screen printing, the drone prototype has been completed. One day later, Mr. Yang was also very satisfied with the prototype received, and invited Mr. Ou of the model to participate in the exhibition. As a result, the prototype responded well at the exhibition and helped him get a lot of orders.

extension model has 17 years of experience in prototype production of unmanned aerial vehicles, 55 imported precision equipment and the us cto guidance fuel injection technology can help you get orders at the exhibition.

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