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ultraviolet (uv) curable resins market: paving the way for environmental friendly products

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Ultraviolet (UV)
Curing Resin Market: paving the way for eco-friendly products New York, May 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)--
Global UV (UV)
The market for Curableresins is likely to expand from $4,325.
Between $4 million and $8,576 in 2018.
From 8 million to 2025, the annual compound growth rate was 9.
It was 6% during the forecast period.
The growth is mainly due to the increasing use of UV-cured resins in 3D printing applications, as well as the excellent performance provided by these resins.
In addition, the increasing global emphasis on safe and sustainable materials has led to the implementation of various strict regulations that promote the use of ecological materials
Friendly products.
Major players pay attention to high
In order to simplify the manufacturing process and provide better performance compared to traditional drying methods, final research and technological advances are made.
Several examples of innovation in this area include;
UV curing technology for LED
Cured resin and low extracts and odors (LEO)resins; among others.
UV curing resin has the advantages of fast production speed, good solvent resistance and scratch resistance, good adhesion performance and low scrap rate.
The report\'s main findings: the global UV curing resin market may reach $8,576.
From 8 million to 2025, the oOligomers market segment had a considerable market share in 2018, and the trend of the oCoatings market segment as the main market share in 2018 may continue in the next seven years, and may witness a healthy compound growth rate in 2019.
2025 oWaterborne UV curing resin may provide significant growth opportunities during the forecast period, which dominated the global market in 2018, and is expected during the forecast period, the major companies operating in the industry, including the small companies of basf se, will have considerable growth;
Covestro AG; DSM; Arkema SA;
Hitachi Chemical Co. , Ltd. ; Allnex Group; Nippon-Gohsei; Soltech Ltd. ;
DIC Company;
Company Dymax;
Eternal Materials Co. , Ltd. Ltd. ; IGM Resins B. V. ;
Jiangsu Litian Technology Co. , Ltd. Ltd. ;
Parson adhesive Co. , Ltd. ;
Sanyuan Special Chemical Co. , Ltd. Ltd. ;
Jiangsu Sanmu Group company. ;
In addition to the Organization of American States in April 2019, Allnex Group also announced an expansion project in North Augusta, South Carolina, to provide a new low-yield reactor train to support rad
The new reactor will produce polyester propylene salts (PEA)
Mainly used in the field of food packaging, graphic arts and industrial coatings, but also supporting other areas as intermediate material building blocks.
The new capacity in North Augusta can not only meet local demand in North America and South America, but also support Asian and European markets.
Promote global market demand in the paint field. Curing resin is used in key applications such as coatings, adhesives and inks in different industries such as medical, automotive, electronics, automotive, cosmetics and graphic arts, etc.
In 2018, the paint market accounted for the largest share of the global market, the trend is expected to continue in the next few years.
The growth can be attributed to the increasing use of UV-cured resin in plastic, metal and wood and paper coatings to provide excellent durability and surface treatment with little VOC emissions.
In addition, these resins are also used to produce high-quality adhesives, which are mainly used by electronic manufacturers.
UV curing adhesives are also used in many applications for bonding composites, metal, glass and plastic for surface treatment.
Browse all research reports and TOC\'s Global UVUV)
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Market for curing resin
Regional import Asia-
In 2018, the Pacific dominated the global UV curing resin market and is expected to remain dominant in the next seven years.
The above growth is mainly due to the rapid industrialisation of China, India and Japan and the high growth of the manufacturing and electronics sectors.
In addition, the construction, wood paint and automotive industries in the region are also growing significantly, which is expected to further drive market demand over the next seven years.
The report subdivided the UV curing resin market according to composition, type, application, technology, end useUse and area.
OWaterborne UV curing resin oPowder UV curing resin by forming oUrethane oPolyester oEpoxy Free Radical Polymerization modified acrylic oSilicone cation modified acrylic oEpoxy curing resin oInks oPowder UV curing resin oOthersBy terminal
Using oElectronics oGraphic Art paint oIndustrial oMedical ocosmonics oautomotor oOthersBy region oNorth US oEurope oAsia-
Pacific Center and South America (CSA)
Omidle, East Africa (MEA)
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