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uniz’s new line of 3d printers bring astonishing levels of speed

by:Tuowei     2019-09-01
Subscribe on YouTube, on CES 2016, manufacturer Uniz is back at the Consumer Electronics Show again with an impressive slash 3D printer capable of 50 times faster than other models
They also have more impressive technology to showcase! The California-
The US-based company has launched a series of new 3D printers, which are hundreds of times faster than traditional 3D printers.
To do this, it uses a type called \"Uni-
Direction stripping \"(UDP)
Thereby minimizing the stripping time of the traditional layered stereo forming (SLA)process.
As its creator points out, \"by reducingand-
Peel down to one
Direction stripping action, UDP refreshed the world record for 3D printing speed of more than 700mm/hour
Shaft speed, no need for pure oxygen or foreign separation materials.
\"There are four new models in total, each for a slightly different audience, but still able to show the impressive new speed Uniz is proud.
The first of these printers is a slash that follows directly
The first ground broke.
Generation model, which is now able to achieve an amazing printing speed of 640mm per hour in z-
Shaft Build speed.
At the same time, the goal of slash OL is more entries
In the horizontal part of the market, the price tag is less than $1,000.
Its XY resolution is up to 500 μm, and it is reported to be twice as fast as FDM machines at similar prices.
Then there is the slash Pro, which increases the amount of construction of the slash.
Slash Pro is reported to be able to output completeAdult shoe size-
The sole is less than 40 minutes.
Last, but not least, zSLTV15, which features an 89 μ XY resolution, a build envelope of 330x190x410mm, and an incredibly fast print speed.
This is for industrial purposes.
Needless to say, if you\'re interested in 3D printing, all four are very exciting in their own way.
If you are interested in contacting one or more models, you can
Order on Kickstarter.
The price of the new cut OL starts at $649, and the price of zsltv15 is as high as $7,499.
Shipping will be in the middle of 2018.
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