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Unmanned aerial vehicle prototype factory with strict secrecy and punctual delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2018-12- 29 13: 52

flying is a company that does unmanned aerial vehicles. We contact our extension model through the introduction of friends and need to make a prototype of unmanned aerial vehicles. Although it is introduced by friends, it is still more cautious, because they are R & D companies, and 10 thousand or accidentally will really lose a lot to them.

The extension model business and the project manager are also aware of the customer's concerns, so they need to find ways to eliminate the customer's concerns, miss Mo, the business, packaged the company's information and sent it to the customer. In addition, she also volunteered to ask the customer to sign a confidential agreement with the drone prototype factory. The customer is also more inclined to this, after all, it is a document to safeguard the interests of our company. The documents have been issued by them. We have communicated with each other without any problems and signed a confidential agreement on the same day.

Miss Mo also found information on related projects of prototype customers of unmanned aerial vehicles, or the cases that have been done are sent to the customer. Of course, these are approved by the customer, or the customer has already released them, otherwise the extension model will not easily send out the customer information, it must be issued only after permission. The customer sent a quotation. One of the more important problems is that the project delivery period they developed is relatively tight. I hope to help in the extension model, because their previous suppliers said that the delivery results could not be paid again, sometimes the things at the exhibition will really delay a lot of things, so this problem is the top priority.

The extension model is a big family, the prototype of the drone cannot be separated from the support of production, so communicate well with the production, be sure to determine the trust of the customer, arrange the machine and manual, each process must be linked, do not drop the chain, in the customer's unexpected delivery, let the customer have a good impression on the extension model, grasp the second opportunity.

It is not surprising that the customer's second and third. . . . . . . . They all place orders on the side of the extension model, so many things exceed expectations is also a way to get customers, and it is also a way to let customers trust the extension, in the case of the delivery of the warranty, complete the customer's needs. If you need to find a prototype factory for unmanned aerial vehicles with strict secrecy and fast delivery, look at the extension model.

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