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update 1-german 3d printer maker slm sets price range for share sale

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
* The SLM solution is scheduled to debut in the Frankfurt market on May 9*4 services from April 28-5 -august 8.
17 mln new shares, 5.
73 mln existing * Total revenue of € 75 mln from capital increase (
Increase the preferential period, expect to float freely after sales, manage the bank)
Frankfurt, April 25 (Reuters)-
SLM Solutions, a German manufacturer of 3D printers, set the price range for its stock listing to between 18 euros and 23 euros, and is expected to be available on the Frankfurt stock exchange in May 9.
This price range will bring the company\'s implied market value to € 0. 387 billion.
SLM said on Friday it would offer four.
17 million new shares and 5.
73 million existing, plus up to 1.
35 million as an excessive
Assign the option to give it a release quantity of up to 237.
9 million euros ($328. 8 million).
The capital increase will generate a total revenue of about 75 million euros.
SLM focuses on selective laser melting (SLM)
The machine, which uses a laser beam to blend fine metal powders together and produce three
Dimension object.
SLM chief executive Markus Rechlin said in an interview with Reuters this month that the company is considering using part of the proceeds from the sale to buy a metal powder supplier of one of its key input materials.
It also hopes to use the funds raised to invest in sales and service operations and to open offices in the United States, Japan and Singapore.
It also plans to increase spending on research and development.
SLM 21 generation.
Revenue for 2013 and 2 was EUR 6 million.
Adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization are EUR 5 million (EBITDA).
According to Reuters, the price-earnings ratio of its listed peers is 30 to 90 times the expected annual income, although some of these valuations have recently declined.
Shares in 3D printer manufacturers such as 3D Systems, Stratasys, ExOne and the United StatesS. -
As these companies adapt to the consumer market, Voxeljet, a German peer, has soared, the technology that manufacturers have used for decades.
The quotation period for SLM is from April 28 to May 8.
There will be about 61 free cars.
5% after sale, assume all shares including overallotment
Assign options.
Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank are managing the issue.
BHF Bank Canaccord Union
The sales manager and Equinet will act as sales agents.
SLM includes General Electric, Alstom, and space exploration technology, a rocket maker (SpaceX)
Customers interested in manufacturing complex 3D metal objects.
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