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Use of prototype models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
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The purpose of the prototype model:

The prototype model, in fact, it is a model that has been completed and used to check the products that need to be designed, and through this prototype model to see if the model produced is reasonable and find out the shortcomings, find out the rationality of the design drawings according to the prototype model.

The prototype model is a model made according to the design drawings first, mainly used for inspection, it is not really a product to be designed, but a sample, based on which defects and problems can be found. At the beginning of the design, find out the unreasonable problems according to the prototype model and correct them. However, there is a problem to pay attention to in the design, that is, the design model at the beginning can not be designed well, no defects can be found, if not carefully checked, once mass production, it will cause a lot of waste of resources, including manpower and material resources and time, which is taboo for enterprises.

three major uses of the prototype model:

1, structural prototype; The main inspection products are reasonable in structure, high in size and relatively low in appearance, especially in foreign countries.

2. Appearance prototype; It mainly detects the appearance design of the product, which requires exquisite appearance and accurate color. The internal processing requirements are not high, and some of them are directly made into solid bodies.

3. Functional prototype; It is required to realize the same appearance, structure and function as the real product. It can be understood as an unlisted finished product, which is a kind of prototype with high requirements and difficulty.

Why do many enterprises choose the extension model?

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