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User support is what drives us to prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
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now enterprises are increasingly concerned about the feasibility of products, that is, whether they can produce them on a large scale and then put them on the market. However, I also want to control the cost, which requires many designers to plan products that can make enterprises make money without wasting money or even using every penny to the extreme. Although it doesn't sound so easy to do, a lot of people are willing to try. In the process of trying, it is a very important thing to need, that is, the prototype model. The prototype model is the miniature of the product, which is the sample tested by the product at a small cost.

But in many cases, enterprises will not care too much about the quality of the prototype model, because this is the embodiment of the initial investment that has not achieved results and has no income. So most businesses will not invest too much in the early stage. However, the consequence of this is that the product will have many unpredictable problems in quality or in later production, thus increasing the silent cost for the company. It's not worth the loss, so I still hope that all major enterprises will get down in the early investment. It's called'No child, no wolf'.

for the production of the prototype model, Shenzhen tuowei company still has two brushes. The feedback given to us by many consumers is very positive, there are also many consumers who give us a lot of valuable opinions and suggestions. There is an enthusiastic Mr. Zhang who is such a consumer. After using our products, he has put forward many improvement plans for us, of course, it is based on the recognition of our product model. We attach great importance to such suggestions, because customer feedback is to look at our products from the perspective of consumers, which is difficult for our manufacturers to see.

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