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using a 3d printer to build a car

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
Ivan sench, 32, from Auckland, New Zealand, is using a 3D printer to make his dream car --
Aston Martin db4 1960 s.
Starting with the download of the 3D design of the car, he is expected to spend £ 1,200 to print various parts on his solidocomo 3D printer, which can only print 4 parts under 4 in.
Then Sentch is assembling these parts (
There are already more than 2,500 of them)
Glue on wooden frame with model.
He will eventually use it as a mold, casting the fiberglass body and running on the operating unit of the Nissan Skyline.
Mr Sentch is doing the work in his garage and he has previously built the kit car version of Ferrari 250 GTO.
He started the Aston project in January and claims that he has now printed about what is needed.
In an interviewco.
Sentch said he expects to stop driving in the next five years.
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