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uv led oven for curing dlp resin 3d prints

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
SLA/Resin 3D printers typically require some form of post-curing with additional UV rays to enhance the model and solidify excess Resin that is not washed away.
A uv led light inside the paint can provide the correct spectrum and intensity of UV light, quickly and evenly curing parts.
After building a diy sla/resin 3D printer, we tried several ways to publish
Solidify the part after printing.
Some of the methods described on the Madesolid blog work, but are not the perfect solution.
This small project is fast and easy to execute and costs only $40$50.
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Curing methods include: no curing method is considered, 3-
It takes 4 minutes of acetone cleaning or similar part cleaning procedure before after UVcure.
In order to make a cheap and effective UV curing oven, you need: * Some uv led light strips are equipped with a power supply and no additional wiring is required. *Assembly:1)
The power supply LED light strip of the line, the monthly positive of cutting and stripping (red)and negative (black)
The end of the small circular connector. 2)
Weld the corresponding positive and negative poles to the LED terminals. 3)Plug-
Test your LEDs with a few drops of UV resin.
Only a few LEDs can take a few minutes to solidify the resin.
The closer they gather, the stronger the light will be and the faster the healing time will be. 4)
Use some foil tape to reflect the inside of the container to increase the intensity of the light.
The metal paint works well because it is in a uniform, round shape and is able to dissipate heat through the led\'s jar. 5)
Use double-sided transparent tape to bring the LEDs as close as possible to the inside of the container.
Space rows less than centimeters apart.
A 5-meter LED light strip can fill the walls of the paint can almost perfectly.
Normally, LED strips can also be cut or added.
* Optional * make a small tray by wrapping foil tape onto round cardboard.
Before post-SLA/resin 3D printing can be stickycure.
UV resin stimulates eyes and skin.
Be sure to wear gloves!
Best practice: We found (1)
5 m LED light strip (wavelength:395-405nm)
Wrapped in a paint can is enough in about 10-20 minutes.
It is also helpful to rotate the parts at least once or twice every 10 minutes to reveal the bottom.
* UV oven should not be turned off during use.
Make sure your part does not have an excessive amount of alcohol.
It could be a big fire.
* The parts after curing this type of UV oven have less strength, more uniform color, and seem to last longer.
** We have an unproven assumption that the extra heat in the chamber of the cavity may help to solidify.
* Review, collect, vote and enjoy!
It\'s fun to make things :)Marshall P. Protobuilds.
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