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by:Tuowei     2019-08-08
Felipe Herrera decided long ago that he wanted his body cremated after death.
His family found a creative way to fulfill his wishes. Before the 95-year-
This month, his daughter, Yvette Wilson, came together with her son and daughter --in-
Law and fiancé surprise Herrera with a 22-year-old urn
One-inch replica of the Columbia space shuttle
Helping to build the original shuttle was one of Herrera\'s proudest moments.
In Temecula, her father\'s hometown of California, Wilson sat Herrera down.
She covered his eyes with her shirt and then gently raised it so that he could see the gift.
\"You will not leave today or tomorrow, but on the day you leave, all your ashes will enter here and it will fill this base and then they will seal this ---
That\'s it, \"she told her father.
She read the inscription on the base of the hollow statue: \"Felipe Herrera. STS-
The task is completed.
\"In some families, giving such a gift can be uncomfortable or even an insult.
Herrera didn\'t look that way.
\"It\'s beautiful.
What can I say?
Wilson recalled that he told his family to gather around him and capture it in a video she uploaded to YouTube.
In the past 15 years, the cremation rate in the United States has doubled, and now the method of choice is more than 46% of the deaths.
Seeking a personalized experience at the time of death has become an ideal choice for 2 people to some extent.
Every year, 5 million Americans die and the baby boomers are aging.
The present coffin, from the ordinary pine box to the luxurious final resting place, custom colored wood, elaborate carvings and velvet interiors, it is not uncommon to find a colorful funeral with optimistic pop music, costumes and even performances.
However, there are still fewer options for how to deal with ash, and urn tends to be more common.
Many are ceramic, wood or glass vases with two handles and personalized inscriptions or photos.
Now, a new startup is using 3D printing technology to raise the cremation urn to another level.
Hotels in Minneapolis
Foreverence-based companies allow customers to request customization
Urn designed online, delivered within 10 days.
So far, in addition to Herrera\'s spacecraft, the company\'s dozens of designs include a red Chevrolet Chevelle (
An avid sports car) warship
Former Navy sailor)
There is even a White Castle burger with kimchi (
For burger lovers, of course).
\"Death-related is inherent sadness and sadness,\" said Pete Surrey, founder and CEO of Foreverence, who works with eight other teams.
\"Our mission is not only to add personality, character and personality to each person\'s monument, but also to add some relief and happiness.
If we can replace a little sadness with a little happiness, then the task is done.
Saari came up with this idea after years of 3D work
Printing consultants selling technology and services to companies and medical companies.
He said that there is always an effort to improve the cremation experience, which has historically been a lower cost option than burial.
\"We are here to dispel the idea that people in the funeral service industry have chosen cremation for financial reasons.
\"The fact that they choose cremation does not diminish their desire for something unique, personal and meaningful,\" he said . \".
The company\'s clients include families whose loved ones died years ago, and people like Wilson, whose ashes are stored in urn they don\'t like, helping her father plan for his death.
\"We want to share the memorial process with him,\" said Wilson, who will take the urn to her home in Carlsbad, California this week, with a dedicated custom site.
\"We were all sitting in silence, shocked by such an amazing finished work of art that perfectly summed up our father and grandfather.
That\'s not what we think when we see it.
This is not, \'Holy cow, there is a dead man.
It\'s not sad, it feels great.
\"Foreverence also got the celebrity effect.
Prior to its official launch more than a year ago, the company\'s first client was the Bob Casale family from the famous 80 band Devo.
After the death of Casale in 2014, Foreverence designed two urn boxes that were worn by members of the Red Energy dome band during the show.
One was given to the family of kaisale, Akron, Ohio, and the other to his relatives in Los Angeles.
It takes about 9 hours to print each copy.
This is not cheap.
While the prices vary from company to company, the funeral directors with whom the company usually works are able to charge their own fees, the one Wilson chose for her father costs about $2,500.
An ordinary urn in the United States. S.
According to the National Association of Funeral Directors, the price last year was $280.
\"We are definitely a high
Compared with [price products]regular]urns.
\"If you\'re just looking for a \'container, \'we\'re not a good option,\" Saari said . \".
Saari, 49, did not give himself a URN.
He\'s an avid traveler. -
When he immigrated to the United States, his enthusiasm for visiting different countries began. S.
Seven years old from Hungary-
He wants to entrust an artist to design an abstract urn that reflects his various interests, including music and drama.
Saari said he had no judgment on those who chose to bury more traditional routes with coffins, or even to choose more traditional urn designs.
\"We don\'t want to affect the terminal --of-
\"The decision to cremate and bury or live between one religion and another,\" he said . \".
\"We\'re just here to help people tell stories about their lives.
\"Watch a video of Felipe Herrera\'s daughter, Yvette Wilson and his family showing him the Columbia urn shuttle last spring.
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