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watchmakers turn to 3-d printing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-05
A small French watch brand has developed a use of 3-
D. printing technology for making art watch surfaces for SwitzerlandClocks.
This brand is called. L. B.
, Is the abbreviation for the first studio le brzéguet to apply for 3-
D. printing creates a unique dial for its Watch, which runs on a movement purchased from the Swiss company ETA, which is part of the Swatch Group.
Ian Todd, professor of metallurgical and Material Processing at the University of Sheffield, UK, said: \"I haven\'t considered people making faces before, but this is an obvious next step . \", A man who watches the market
\"Obviously they are trying to do something that is detailed enough and doesn\'t look too unfinished.
Watchmakers have been paying close attention to 3-
D. printing, technically known as additive manufacturing, has not made full use of it so far because the technology is not accurate enough for complex mechanical movements.
So far, 3-
D. printing, such as the Hoptroff in the UK, has explored its use in the case. Simon-
Pierre delde and Vincent Candela
Tuheille, partner behind. L. B.
Met and became friends at a school of engineering in Lille, northern France, castillic Academy of Art.
Both continue to study design and share their fascination with tabulation, setting a common goal for themselves: to design a unique watch before the age of 30.
He said: \"It is easy to copy other watch companies and it is difficult to do different things . \"Delord.
\"After a while, we used 3-D printing.
It really opens up a new way of thinking for our brand.
\"The resulting 1,500 euro, or $1,900 watch, was produced in a very limited version --
Five of their first models and 10 of their second models
Featuring a design, the brand is designed to recall the landscape of the brand\'s headquarters near Toulouse in southwest France.
\"It\'s kind of like a small series of paintings,\" he said . \"Delord.
\"That\'s what we think.
At some point in the future, we want to hold an exhibition.
So far, product designers, including watchmakers, usually use 3-
D printing for creating prototypes can be used in the early stages of new product development.
But in recent years the technology has improved so much that they now find it can be used for finished products that are sold directly to consumers.
\"Five years or ten years ago, 3-
D printing can create beautiful models
Ups but if you use them, they break up immediately, \"said Clement Morro, chief executive and co-chairman
Founder Sculpteo, one month-
The D printing company in Paris is. L. B.
Now, however, the technology is advanced enough to produce \"plastic and metal as durable as any plastic and metal, as durable as real metal,\" he said: \"The sintering process used is production-Score now.
This process is called selective laser sintering, which includes pouring a layer of powder material
For example, a metal or nylon polymer-
On the platform bed, use the computer to melt out the marks of the desired shape in it.
Controlled laser
This is repeated with a continuous powder layer, blending each trace to the layer below until the required thickness is reached.
0 per layer.
1mm thick.
\"The watch is a very small item and, in fact, you don\'t tolerate the wrong place,\" said Mr. Moreau.
\"You have to be precise in this mechanism, so everything fits --
This is part of the development of this product. ”Mr.
It took about a year to make a small series of watches, and the sintering machine also took quite a bit of testing and error, Delord said.
\"We sometimes need to print several times to get a good print,\" he explained . \".
\"For example, you say, for example, I want a circular part of 3mm, and you get a circular part of 3mm.
02 and the other one is 2. 80;
You just don\'t always have the same part.
Technology is still not very accurate.
Nevertheless, the cost of producing the surface of the watch is still very low --
7 euros per part, three parts per side
So there is a lot of room for maneuver in manufacturing. Mr. Delord and Mr. Candellé-
Tuheille says they have taken back their investment in the company.
3,000 euros per investment-
And reinvest profits in brand development.
This is one of the great advantages of 3-
D print for small watch brands and other start-ups
He said that product designers who want to make a leap in new products but may not have much capital investmentMoreau said.
\"You have a design model when we use traditional mass manufacturing --
You \'ve been stuck for a year or two because you don\'t want to pay for a new mold or mold modification, \"he said.
\"But our designers can change and modify the design all the time.
People use 3 directly-
D print, they can change the way they handle the design when they go through the development process, so they always have a terminalproduct.
Professor Todd saw 3-Printed watch-
As an extension of what has happened in the field of jewelry design.
\"Jewelry is a common use 3-
It\'s the D printer now . \"Todd said.
\"Maybe it\'s a jump from custom jewelry to watches that you can design on your own.
As far as I know, what they do in the watch industry is very new.
It will make you feel what the watch industry might do next. the idea of co-
Create, you have an input on your own design. ”Still, Mr.
Morro said, 3-
The printing technology of the watch may take several years.
\"Today, it\'s still difficult because you have all the limitations to build a functional watch,\" he said . \".
\"We can help people design their own faces, but it\'s not going to go any further than that because they still need the watch mechanism to work.
In the watch industry, we find that it will happen, but not now. Not today.
About five years later.
For his own brand,. L. B. , Mr.
Delord, 31, has high hopes for this.
He intends to use the higher
Quality materials, 3-
D. steel printing, real silver, integrated gems.
\"This is just the beginning,\" he said . \"
\"We have reached the limits of technology today.
I really hope the company can do more precise work in the future.
\"The opportunity to use 3-
The printing of the building watch is quite huge.
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