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we\'re all mad scientists now

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
The pendulum swings and it\'s cool to be a nerd again.
We can no longer listen to science lectures in a dusty classroom in a remote corner of the university campus.
We have now held a TED lecture on the Internet, and scientists have become rock stars on the stage.
The books of physicists and neurobiologists are often on the best-selling list.
In Colbert\'s report and the daily program, guests are likely to be PhD in sports science. D.
They will become political experts.
The renewed interest in all scientific things has sparked a new movement.
Science has not only become more popular, but also more populist.
Today\'s technology and knowledge are easy to access, so-it-yourself (DIY)
Scientists are emerging across the United States.
The edge of scientific exploration has been transferred from the White Tower of the university lab to the nearby garage and basement.
As early as 2001, it took $10,000 to sequence millions of base pairs.
It will cost about 10 cents today.
Due to falling prices, it is now possible to set up a genetics lab in your own backyard-
People are doing this.
In the past, cyberpunk has become a chronicle of today, and it is as easy to invade genetic code as computer code.
In closets and lofts around the world, ordinary people are creating synthetic life, experimenting with genetic engineering, or patent DNA sequences.
Success stories are already everywhere, just like a new vaccine against ulcers found by a group of Slovak students, none of them have a bachelor\'s degree.
But with this discovery, the risk comes.
These tools can create new forms of life at any time, including pathogens, which makes regulation more difficult, especially as the number of these native laboratories surges.
The FBI\'s bureau of weapons of mass destruction\'s biological counter measures team tried to regulate these laboratories, but even if they recognized the limits of their exposure, they encouraged \"Neighborhood Watch \"---
Cooperation between laboratories like this.
So, in the end, it raises the question: will this grassroots study lead to a cure for cancer, or will it release some Franken-
Microorganisms in the world?
Only time will tell us.
The same local experiments have taken place in the field of materials science, and 3D printers are expected to change not only the manufacturing industry, but also medicine and food production.
However, with the sharp decline in the cost of these devices (
From $50,000 to $1,000)
The experiment of this new technology has moved from the company lab to the edge of the West.
In May 6, 2013, the first gun produced with a printer was successfully launched.
But the real threat of this new weapon (
Made with hardened resin)
Is that they can not be found through most screening processes.
Others are now using these printers to produce ammunition.
How long will it take to download and print the entire Arsenal at home?
Short answer: not long at all.
Elsewhere, DIY scientists are taking a more personal approach: experimenting on their own bodies.
A growing movement called \"trans-humanism\" combines technology with biology in an attempt to expand the human condition in order to enhance the physical and intellectual capacities of the body.
Sometimes referred to as a \"biohacker\" with warehouse and back office surgical facilities to change your body in a surprising new way at the right price.
Some people have radio frequency identification (RFID)
The chip inserted under their skin.
These chips allow the wearer to unlock their car, phone or password --
Protect your laptop just by touching them.
Few others.
Implanted With Earth magnets near your fingertips, vibrates in the presence of a magnetic field.
People I \'ve interviewed describe these newly perceived areas as having textures, shapes, rhythms, and even colors.
It enables them to sense the current on the wire, \"feel\" the faulty hard drive, and even diagnose the poor ignition of the carburetor.
Such a magnet opens up a new way to experience the world.
Once you get used to them, it\'s obviously hard to go back.
Many people say they feel blind without them.
This is definitely a new world and now DIY Biohackers are looking for new ways to explore it.
The next frontier of these DIY scientists is crowdfunding, and they are starting to focus their resources.
Sunnyvale, California, a new 2000-square-
The foot stepping lab is open by a Kickstarter sport called the BioCurious social lab.
As can be seen from the Laboratory\'s website, the ultimate goal is clear: \"We believe that innovation in the biological field should be accessible, affordable and open to everyone.
We are building a community biology lab for amateurs, inventors, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to experiment with friends.
\"After a short training session on security protocols, anyone who is interested in the components of life can get a set of equipment that is usually only available in major biological laboratories.
This is just the beginning.
The current trend of democratizing science is developing rapidly, stripping scientific exploration from the scope of academic and corporate control and handing it over to anyone who has the passion to learn more about the mysteries of life.
For good or bad, it makes us crazy scientists. -
This is exciting and very, very scary.
But isn\'t this the beginning of all the great adventures?
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