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weapons of mass production: us army making warheads with 3d printing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
While 3D printers have become more headlines for their ability to make homemade guns and for more benevolent uses such as artificial limbs or facial reconstruction operations, according to Army Science and Technology magazine, the Army plans to use them to print complex bullet parts cheaply.
\"The 3D printing of the warhead will enable us to better design the geometry and patterns that control and utilize previously impossible to produce or manufacture,\" said James Zannino, an arms research researcher, engineering and Design Center, tell the motherboard.
Traditional manufacturing methods cannot match the weapons of mass destruction provided by 3D printers. 3D-
The motherboard wrote that the machined components can achieve superior design, such as the ability to \"pack additional payload, sensors, and safety mechanisms \".
Weapons manufactured by 3D printers will also enable the military to design more precise specifications on warheads, such as explosive radiation.
\"The warhead can be designed to meet specific mission requirements, whether it is to improve safety to meet insensitive ammunition requirements or to have adjustable effects, better control, and can be expanded to achieve the expected lethality, \"Zunino said.
While the US military is attracted by the ability of 3D printing to provide a more effective killing mechanism, the cost is
Efficiency is also tempting when it comes to budget cuts.
\"3D printing also allows components to be integrated together to reduce the cost of the entire lifecycle to add functionality,\" Zunino said . \".
\"3D printing is expected to reduce life --
By implementing a manufacturing design and utilizing 3D printing and additive manufacturing additional features that can be brought to ammunition and warheads, the cycle cost of certain items and making ammunition more affordable in the long run.
Zunino added that it is not possible for the army to just stay on parts manufacturing.
\"Maybe one day, as the technology matures, the entire warhead or rocket can be produced,\" Zunino said . \".
The 3D printing weapon did not stop the Pentagon.
On January, British defense giant BAE Systems announced that the Tornado fighter of the Royal Air Force was flying for the first time using some airborne metal components made in 3D.
Printing technology.
In recent months, BAE also claimed that by 2040, the aircraft will be able to use a 3D printer for self-employment.
Mini for treatment or production
Unmanned aerial vehicles use so-called \"deformation\" technology when performing tasks.
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