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Well-known prototype factory in Shenzhen

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-06- 22 17: 15

The head of the purchasing department of a well-known enterprise in Mr. Chen, who searched on Baidu'Shenzhen prototype factory'We found tuowei model Co. , Ltd. The gentleman has more or less heard of the reputation of the Tuowei model. And also know that the manager of the extension model is a very wise and very insightful person!

Therefore he has a very strong interest in the extension model! Because the company gave him a very important task, we must find a very powerful Shenzhen prototype manufacturer as a long-term supplier of their company! At that time, what Mr. Chen thought in his mind was the extension model. However, because I don't know the true strength of the extension model, I still chose to find out if there are other powerful manufacturers on the Internet.

Mr. Chen has found information about many Shenzhen prototype factories, until I saw the website of the extension model, I clicked. After reading the website page, I launched an inquiry! After the customer service to Mr. Chen's contact information, the salesman Chen Gong is responsible for it. Then, according to the normal procedures in the past, Mr. Chen came to the tuowei model for on-the-spot investigation. After Mr. Chen was satisfied, he began to make and make it, and then handed it to Mr. Chen! And it was sent to Mr. Chen by the salesman himself!

after Mr. Chen said that he had read the information of so many Shenzhen prototype factories. , I still chose the extension model. Maybe this is fate! If you want to make a prototype in the near future, consider the extension model! Sincere service! Caring is the pursuit of Tuowei!

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