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What about errors in prototype model processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-02- 20 15: 12

mistakes are always inevitable in the process of prototype model processing, such as MMA, which is also commonly known as organic glass or acrylic, because the data performance is very brittle and easy to crack, and there can be no adhesive marks, special attention should be paid to the processing process. Once the knife is too fast, the whole data may crack, so the whole prototype will be scrapped, therefore, the prototype sample of MMA is also more expensive than other prototypes. What should we do if we make mistakes? How to deal with it?

there are some errors in the processing of prototype models that have shown great errors. make up, it can only be scrapped, such as transparent parts such as PVC and PC, because transparent parts are not allowed to have adhesive marks, but some parts can be made up for and recovered. The workpiece is non-transparent parts, such as ABS and POM, PA, etc. are generally made up for plastic parts. The compensation method can generally be used to fill in the over-cut or miscut local materials. The commonly used compensation data is 502 glue mixed scorpion powder or atomic ash. Take the appropriate amount of glutinous rice powder to participate in the 502 glue and turn it into a thin paste to become a 502 glue mixed glutinous rice powder. Fill the adjusted data into the cut local to be dried and then make up the processing. The atomic ash is a rubber-like adhesive, it is necessary to cooperate with drying agents to condense, import atomic ash is more expensive, and domestic atomic ash is cheaper.

above is a remedy for errors in the processing of prototype models, hope to help you.

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