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What about the maximum supply of cnc aluminum prototype by per month?
This is determined by both manufacturing capacity and stock of cnc aluminum prototype in . In reality, the monthly distribution is elastic. We might lower the output when there's an off-season and might raise the production whenever there's the peak. You're expected to inform us about the prerequisites and custom service can be obtained.

Based on the policy of Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd., cnc turning stainless steel parts prototype is able to offer better convenience for customers. electrical silicone prototype series are shown on this page. We invented and pioneered the now famous Tuowei brass base of buddha prototype that have become industry standards for its brass prototype factory features. Our products are well packaged and protected during transportation. . PMMA material makes plastic products clear and transparent. . in the production and sales, Tuowei has complete domestic and international sales network.

At Tuowei, our goal is to excel as a ABS Prototype provider. Welcome to visit our factory!
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