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What are rapid prototyping services including in Tuowei?

What are rapid prototyping services including in Tuowei?


Every prototype parts manufacturing company has its most advantage of rapid prototyping services and technologies. It is important that you should choose the most suitable companies for your rapid prototyping project. Here we will introduce Tuowei rapid prototyping services for your reference.

rapid prototyping services

The rapid prototyping services are included in Tuowei

1.CNC Machining Service

As the most traditional way of rapid prototyping, CNC machining is still used for many plastic/metal products. CNC (3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis) can meet the design verification demands of customers. It has high precision, strong structure, and wide material. Its cost is middle in the rapid manufacturing process.

2.3D Printing Service

3D printing is the newest and most potential technology for rapid prototyping.

It brings a revolution to the machining industry. Until now, Mostly used technology is SLA and SLS. Besides, there are FDM and others.

3. PU Vacuum Casting Service

This is used for plastic parts from quantity 10 to quantity 500 normally(less than 1K). The Master is first used and then Urethane is into the silicon mold, the final product comes out. Silicon mold can be often used to produce 10–15 products.

4.Sheet Metal Service

It is a way of metal machining. The final product is often like a thick board.

5. Rapid Tooling Service

When the quantity of product mass production is less than 3000, it will cost a lot if you do a normal mold( more than 10K mold life). Rapid Tooling is a very good choice. Rapid Tool’s  mold life is less than 5K and has a good capacity in mold life and cost

6. Injection Molding Service

When your product requirement is more than 5K, Injection Molding should be a good choice. When you finish mold design, it can produce a product for you to sell on the market.

Besides rapid tooling and injection mold, die casting,2K shoot, Insert mold, etc molding technology also be used for mass production.

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If you still have rapid prototyping or low volume production inquiry, feel free to discuss with me on email: sales5@sztuowei.com

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