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What are the advantages and disadvantages of SLA rapid prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2015-03- 13 09: 09

SLA Laser Rapid prototyping is also called light curing molding. Among the several rapid prototyping process methods currently used, because SLA laser molding has good surface quality, high dimensional accuracy and fine dimensional molding, it is most widely used.

Advantages of SLA laser molding:

1)High degree of automation of molding process. The SLA system is very stable, and the molding process can be fully automated until the prototype is completed after the processing begins.

2)High dimensional accuracy. The size accuracy of the SLA prototype can reach ±0. 1mm.

3)Excellent surface quality. Although steps may appear on the side and surface when each layer is cured, the upper surface can still get the effect of the glass state.

4) It is possible to make models with complex structure and fine size. Especially for models with complex internal structure and difficult access for general cutting tools, it can be easily formed once.

5) It is possible to directly make the disappearing type with hollow structure for precision casting of investment mold.

6) The prototype can replace the plastic parts to a certain extent.

disadvantages of SLA laser forming:

1) With physical and chemical changes in the molding process, the parts are easy to bend and need support, otherwise the parts will be deformed.

2) The performance of the liquid resin after laser molding is not as good as the commonly used industrial plastic, which is generally brittle and easy to break.

3)The cost of equipment operation and maintenance is high. Due to the high requirements of liquid resin materials and lasers for environmental temperature and humidity, the price is also more expensive, and in order to make the optical components in an ideal working state, regular adjustments are required, the overall cost is high.

4)There are fewer types of materials available. At present, the materials used are mainly photosensitive liquid resin materials, and in most cases, resistance and heat tests cannot be carried out.

5) Liquid resin has odor and toxicity and needs to be protected from light to prevent early photochemistry, with limitations in selection.

6)Secondary curing is required. In many cases, the prototype resin formed by the rapid prototyping system SLA laser is not completely formed by the excited SLA laser, so secondary curing is usually required.

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