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What are the advantages of rapid prototyping technology to prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2017-09- 06 10: 57

with the advancement of society and the development of economy, rapid prototyping technology has also accelerated. Industry is also changing with each passing day! The increasingly fierce competition in shopping malls has forced the manufacturing industry to continuously improve the performance and quality of goods, shorten the development cycle of new goods at the limit, and reduce the cost. Rapid prototyping- The prototype model is compared with this kind of production method that first makes the mold and then can make the design prototype. The 3D printer has considerable superiority, it can make the design prototype that the customer needs at one time and directly.

is not available in the rapid prototyping technology before it appeared, when people develop a new product, they all directly open the mold for production without testing and testing. The drawback of this is that once there is any problem, it will cause irreparable losses. Due to the fact that rapid prototyping does not need to go through the process of manufacturing molds, customers can save time, factories can save money, and the objects manufactured together will also be the same as the design drawings and can be more accurate. The reason is that the use of rapid prototyping technology can directlyPrint'Come out. First of all, everyone can create a 3D design drawing through the computer, and then the printer will'Slice' , The dividend is one layer, and then the printer starts to work, and the original data is superimposed according to the design layer after layer until it is formed.

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using rapid prototyping technology will greatly shorten the development cycle of new commodities, the cost of research and development has been greatly reduced, and new product research and development has been accelerated to ensure the position of enterprises in the increasingly competitive shopping malls.

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