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What are the advantages of small batch vacuum complex prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2016-12- 12: 31

when it comes to vacuum complex molds, everyone knows that it is a processing method, most of which are in the processing and manufacturing of prototypes. It uses the original sample to make a silicone mold under vacuum conditions, and then uses plastic materials for pouring in vacuum. So as to get the same product as the sample.

The small batch vacuum re-mold processing method is also loved by customers, it has its own features like other prototype processing methods, so where is the advantage of small batch vacuum mold processing?

The advantages of small batch vacuum re-mold processing are as follows:

(1) It is suitable for small batch processing and production of products. If you use CNC machining or 3d printing to make small batch prototypes, this cost is more expensive.

(2)Low cost, short product production cycle;

(3) This kind of processing method is much better than opening the mold. The price of the mold is usually very high, and the cheap one is tens of thousands of pieces. The prototype unit price of the vacuum compound mold is relatively low, it's usually in dozens of pieces.

The prototype of small batch vacuum compound mold has the advantages of short processing cycle and low cost, shenzhen tuowei model is a manufacturer specializing in the prototype production of vacuum compound mold. Here is a wonderful video about vacuum compound mold prototype to help everyone better understand this processing technology!

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