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What are the classification of prototype models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-03- At 10: 49

many customers should know that the types of prototypes used to achieve different uses are also different, so today, let's talk about the classification of prototype models?

1. Appearance prototype: mainly used for exhibitors, requiring exquisite appearance, accurate color, and low internal processing requirements. If you need to make a appearance prototype, you need to find a better manufacturer of fuel injection. Even if the CNC equipment of the prototype factory has some flaws, these shortcomings can be concealed through fuel injection, shenzhen tuowei model has worked hard under the fuel injection side, not only using the dust-free workshop, but also hiring the us cto as the technical director, and the fuel injection effect is better than the peers.

2. Structural prototype: mainly used for trial and error, with higher size requirements and relatively low appearance requirements, mainly reflected in accuracy, the higher the accuracy of the prototype, the more accurate the test results. The accuracy is closely related to the equipment. The extension model adopts five-axis machining, which can reach 0 in terms of accuracy. 01mm, can help customers develop new products faster.

3. Functional Prototype: requires the same appearance, structure and function as the real product, which can serve as product sales. For some industries with low consumption and expensive mold opening, prototypes are generally used as product sales, which can reduce the risk of mold opening, such as the medical industry, the mold opening often takes millions, and tens of thousands of pieces can be made into a product prototype.

There are many kinds of classification of prototype models, however, according to the function classification, it is mainly divided into appearance prototype, structure prototype and function prototype, hoping to help you.

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