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What are the common materials for prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2017-09- 06 11: 24

when making a prototype, it is very important to choose a suitable material because different materials have different properties, and the prices are different. For example, you need to make a prototype of high temperature resistance. It is not very good to choose ABS material, because its high temperature resistance is not strong, and PPS material is good and can withstand high temperature of more than 200 degrees. If you do a large prototype, ABS is a good choice. Its viscosity is better. The disassembly is spliced back, and the impact on the strength is not great. OK, let's introduce the common prototype materials and their performance.

aluminum-magnesium alloy: Light in quality and good in strength, is a material that consumer 3C likes to choose. The disadvantage is that magnesium is flammable metal, environmental control is very important during machining, the risk of model making is high, and there are many mechanical processing projects after die casting during production, which is a high-cost application material.

PP: translucent material, with good impact resistance and excellent flexibility, can be applied to production requirements with strict impact resistance conditions, such: car supplies, folding box, etc.

PC: material with good strength, toughness and transparency, suitable for the production of parts of Lens and fine structure. Glass fiber is also added to improve the steel and heat resistance of the plate, can be used to make parts that need to maintain high steel in high temperature environment.

ABS: it is widely used in general product shells and has good dissolution strength, surface metallized works can be applied, such as water plating and vacuum evaporation electroplating. The material specifications are sheets and round bars.

(p>); (B): I . e. , acrylic, or plexiglass. It is a good transparent piece. Materials for making transparent prototypes can be used in dyeing, electroplating, spraying, screen printing and other methods. The dissolution strength is acceptable, and the only fragile and fragile is its weakness, which is not suitable for use in fragile institutions such as card hooks.

The above is a related introduction to the common materials of the prototype. I believe after reading these, you are able to choose the right material to prototype according to your actual situation.

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