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What are the common processing methods of vacuum film

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2018-12- 28 16: 01

There are three main ways to vacuum film: small film (RTV)Large complex film (RIM)Plastic Injection Molding (PIM).

There are four techniques for RTV: vacuum casting, pressure casting, rotary injection molding, open casting. The materials of the small compound film include chemicals and chemicals B. The materials meet the curing agent and become solid. The chemical structure changes and the materials cannot be recycled. The materials used in the vacuum compound film belong to non-recyclable plastics; Materials for injection molding can be recycled; The material used for the large composite film is the material of the composite film, but the process is the same as the injection molding. There are three pipes in the large laminating machine, namely material pipe, curing agent pipe and cleaning agent pipe.

commonly used plastics have PA (Nylon) PE, PS, PP, MMA, ABS, POM, PC, etc.

there is RIM in the model technology, and the material is PU; PIM, the material is plastic; MIM, the material is metal; GIM, the material is glass. PU can be changed into TPU by adding softener, and TPU can not become PU.

The initial colors are red, yellow and blue; The second color is purple, orange and green; The neutral colors are black, white and gray. The above is the common processing method of vacuum film, I hope to help you.

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