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What are the factors affecting the price of prototype proofing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
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. Generally, the prototype proofing price is asked in the extension model ( Handplate promotion price) After hearing the price given by the salesman, most customers will feel expensive. Not worth it. But in fact, the birth of the prototype is actually to save a lot of costs. Before opening the mold, do a good job of testing and confirm that it is correct before opening the mold for mass production. This is important. The amount of the mold opening and the amount of the prototype do not need to explain that the business people understand.

data is important when testing. If you want accurate data, you need to find a powerful prototype factory to make a prototype. There are also good and bad prototypes. If all you need is to find a prototype proofing price ( Handplate promotion price) The cheap prototype factory does not have high requirements on the accuracy and performance of the products. It is natural to find a low-cost prototype factory to cooperate. However, if you have hard requirements for performance, accuracy, appearance, etc. , then you must be cruel to this money. Because, if your product test is successful, you can seize the market step by step than others. Naturally, the money spent on prototype proofing will also come back.

affects the price of prototype proofing ( Handplate promotion price)There are several factors. For example, the size of the processed product, the larger the processing size, the higher the price, the complexity of the processed product structure, the materials required for processing the prototype, and the surface treatment process used for making the prototype model, the more technology, the higher the price, whether the price includes tax and transportation, etc. 3D printing prototype proofing price is relatively simple. It is to estimate the weight of the song prototype by drawing, and then multiply the price of each gram of material. It is mainly the cost of working hours, the price of silicone molds and the price of prototypes.

So, if you feel that there are some prototype proofing prices ( Handplate promotion price) High, you can compare a lot, but you should also combine various factors, not just look at the price. If you can, you can try the extension model. The price must be neutral. Because it is mixed with various factors, it will lead to a seemingly higher price than a small factory. But the quality is actually guaranteed. There must be no loss to customers in terms of service. Believe in Tuowei. The stone is gold, and the dimension is constant.

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