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What are the features of CNC machining and what are the advantages?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2014-07- 10 11: 35

In general, CNC machining has the following four features:

(1) High degree of automation and high production efficiency. In addition to the manual clamping blank, all the other processing processes can be automatically completed by the CNC machine tool. If the automatic loading and unloading means are used, it is the basic component of the unmanned factory. The numerical control processing reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves the labor conditions; Eliminating the marking, multiple clamping positioning, testing and other processes and their auxiliary operations, effectively improving the production efficiency.

(2)Strong adaptability to the processing object. When changing the processing object, in addition to changing the tool and solving the blank clamping method, it is only necessary to re-program and do not need to make any other complicated adjustments, thus shortening the production preparation cycle.

(3)High precision and stable quality. The machining size accuracy is 0. 005 ~ 0. Between 01mm, not affected by the complexity of the part. Since most of the operations are automatically completed by the machine, the human error is eliminated, the consistency of the size of the bulk parts is improved, and the position detection device is also used on the precision control machine tool, the accuracy of CNC machining is improved.

(4) It is easy to establish communication with computers, and it is easy to realize Group control. Since the machine tool adopts digital information control, it is easy to connect with the computer-aided design system to form a CAD/CAM integrated system, and the connection between each machine tool can be established, which is easy to realize Group control.

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