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What are the methods of making prototype models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-08- 27 21: 07

The so-called prototype model is a product drawn on the drawing by the designer to produce one or several prototypes of various products for testing, it can also be called a sample. In order to save costs and put into mass production without trial production, if there is a problem with the product, it will bring irreparable losses. It can be seen that making a prototype model is an essential part of the process of developing new products. Designers and engineers adjust the product to perfection based on the defects and deficiencies above the prototype model.

So how did the prototype model be made? There are four common methods: hand-made, CNC machining, 3d printing, and vacuum re-molding. First of all, let's introduce the method of making prototype models by hand. This is a more traditional method. Don't underestimate that this method is very traditional, but for a skilled master, the accuracy of the production is no worse than the machine. Because some prototype machines can be difficult to process, they have to be made manually in this case.

In addition to the manual production, most of the prototypes are still processed by CNC, that is, CNC machine tools are used for processing. CNC machining has many advantages. For example, high precision, faster production speed. Compared with hand-made prototypes, CNC machining greatly improves work efficiency and greatly shortens the delivery period of prototype production.

3d printing is an incremental production process, continuous stacking molding involving different materials uses a laser or blade to cut laminated sheets to form a 3D shape. According to the path generated by the digital file, the plate is bonded layer by layer, and the usable plate has adhesive coating paper and plastic.

vacuum complex is using the original model, in the vacuum state, the silicone mold is made, and the PU material is applied to pouring in the vacuum state, so as to clone the same as the original model, which is higher than the original model, the strength and hardness should be copied well. If the customer needs to make several sets or dozens of sets, it is suitable for this method, which greatly reduces the cost.

above is the prototype several methods of model making, hope to help you!

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