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What are the principles and features of 3D printing?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
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Rapid Prototyping ( Rapid Prototyping) Technology is a new type of manufacturing technology, which is different from the traditional cutting processing. RP uses layer by layer material accumulation method to process the solid model, so it is also called additive manufacturing ( Material creation Manufacturing, MIM)Or layered manufacturing technology ( Layered Manufacturing Technology, LMT). SL ( Stereo litphotography) The process is also called stereo curing technology, which is the crystal of mechanical, laser, photochemistry, software and control technology. It is based on the principle of light polymerization of light-sensitive resin solidified by ultraviolet light, and the computer controls the laser to scan the light-sensitive resin in the curing liquid tank layer by layer, the section cured by each layer is layered by the 3D CAD model of the part until the physical prototype of the photosensitive resin is finally obtained.

3D printer equipment

Features of 3D printing:

design visualization: design ideas can be transformed into product prototypes with certain structural functions or directly manufactured parts at the fastest speed, make the design model from'See'(3 D/D)To'Touch'(Kind) Therefore, the product design can be quickly evaluated, tested and functional tested to shorten the development cycle of product development and reduce the development cost. The CAD model is directly driven, and the design and manufacturing are highly integrated. Since the rapid prototyping technology adopts the discrete stacking processing technology, the CAD and CAM are well combined to truly realize the seamless connection between design and manufacturing.

highly flexible: the manufacture of any complex shape part prototype can be realized under the drive of CAD data. To produce parts models of different shapes, simply change the CAD model and re-adjust and set the parameters. The cost of the product has almost nothing to do with the volume of the product, the complexity of the product. The speed of the whole process of molding is from CAD design to prototype parts. Generally, it takes only a few hours to dozens of hours, and the speed is much faster than the traditional molding method.

free molding manufacturing: there is no need for special fixtures or tools in the molding process and no human intervention.

3D printing prototyping video

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