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What are the production methods of prototype model processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-03- 27 15: 42

most experienced people know that there are three ways to make prototype models, one is cnc machining, the other is vacuum film coating, and the other is 3D printing. Cnc machining is the main processing method in the prototype industry at present. Except for soft glue, it can basically be processed. And the processed products, whether it is precision or toughness, are much better than the film-coated 3D printing production method. The film cover needs to be made according to an original version. The internal structure cannot be too complicated. Although 3D printing is fast in production, it is more suitable for light weight at the price of weight.

many times, when customers generally choose a prototype model processing factory, they should first understand the quality of the prototype they make and what processing methods they have. Manufacturers can be asked to provide some prototype photos or physical objects they have done before, because these are the prototype models produced by the manufacturers that are not suitable for their own standards. You must not choose a manufacturer with low price. Although the low price is very attractive, I believe that it must be cooperation if the customer does not know the quality of the manufacturer's prototype. Because the average customer wants to find a manufacturer with good quality and high cost performance, and the quality must be very important. Because many manufacturers know this, they are also trying to improve the quality of their own prototypes.

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