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What are the prototype models to do before CNC machining

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2017-11- 16 15: 16

The prototype model has many steps before CNC machining, including file output, drawing review analysis and quotation, and disassembly programming, let's introduce it to you in detail below.

1, what are the output of the design file?

, 3D model file, the format of STP file shall prevail

B, CMF file, and the effect diagram of product process processing.

C, Filin CDR file, there are CDR files on the surface of the product with silk screen LOGO or other patterns.

D, BOM list, if a structural model needs to be made, you need to list the material and quantity of all single pieces.

E, special requirements for production instructions, such as structural parts that need to be assembled by the prototype factory, or 2 pieces that need to be welded together, description of parts with special requirements for processing.

2, review the analysis and quotation

, receive the design file, and confirm whether the content of the file is complete. If there is any discrepancy, communicate with the designer in time.

B, check whether the design file matches the production model 3D, and communicate with the designer in time if there is any discrepancy.

C, difficult analysis of model processing and production, feasibility analysis of surface treatment, and timely communication with designers if there are any problems.

D, evaluate the production cycle according to the difficulty of model processing, production method, and quote to the customer.

3, disassembly programming

, the design 3D drawings are processed and sorted, some parts that cannot be directly processed need to be disassembled into several pieces and spliced into one.

B, import the sorted 3D file into the programming software MasterCAM, programming CNC machining steps.

C, tool selection, milling cutters of different materials are selected for different processing materials, and the amount of knives processed by different materials is different.

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