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What are the prototype processing methods of automotive plastics

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2016-01- 25 15: 37

Since the replacement cycle of the automobile industry is relatively short, a new type of car that has just been developed may be out in a year or two, in order to be able to occupy a place in the market, automobile manufacturers should constantly develop new cars. In this process, they need to use car prototypes. In many car prototypes, most of them are mainly plastic, such as car panel prototypes, front lamp prototypes, rearview mirror prototypes, bumper prototypes, etc.

in many automotive plastic prototypes, the processing methods of prototype selection for different appearance sizes are also different, in general, the processing methods of automobile plastic prototypes mainly include CNC machining, 3d printing and vacuum re-molding. Here is a detailed introduction for everyone.

CNC machining is mainly suitable for plastic prototypes with large size and simple structure, like a car bumper prototype we have done, it has 1. The length of 5 m is done by CNC machining. If 3d printing is used, the cost is relatively high and the performance is not good. The advantage of CNC machining is to directly use the plate for processing, performance (Such as strength, high temperature resistance, etc)Much better than 3d printing.

video of car bumper prototyping

for those with complex structure and small size prototype, using 3d printing is a good choice, because the price of 3d printing is calculated by weight, and has nothing to do with the complexity of the plastic prototype, one of the disadvantages of the 3d printed prototype is that it is very brittle and can't stand heavy hits, so basically only the keys in the automotive plastic prototype are 3d printed, because the keys are relatively small.

3d printing prototyping video

and vacuum complex it is mainly made for small batches of prototypes, the number is generally about dozens to 100. Due to the hot expansion and cold contraction, the prototype of the vacuum compound mold is not as accurate as CNC machining and 3d printing.

video of vacuum complex prototyping

above is common several kinds of automotive plastic prototype processing methods, after knowing the relevant principles of these processing methods, you can adopt the appropriate method faster when you make the prototype in the future.

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