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What are the reasons for the deformation of vacuum compound die prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2017-09- 01 18: 29

The prototype compound mold is to prototype with a rapid prototyping machine or CNC, then use silica gel as a mold, inject silicone mold with castables, and then open the mold. However, in the process of compound mold, due to various reasons, some deformation of the prototype will occur, thus affecting the accuracy of the prototype. What factors will lead to deformation of the vacuum compound mold prototype?

1. The mold silicone was put into use before it was fully cured. Although the mold can generally be removed within a few hours after pouring the mold, the mold glue is fully cured for at least one week. If the time permits the phone, experienced people usually have to pour the mold after a month to take out the appearance and start using the mold.

2, the quality of the silicone of the mold used is too poor, or the shrinkage is too high or there are too many fillers (Reduce the cost of mold glue)The shrinkage rate of mold glue is 0. 1%, the average is about 3%, and the shrinkage rate of the poor mold glue is higher.

3. The vacuum compound mold prototype needs a high temperature when it is injected, while the silicone liquid is affected by heat expansion and cold contraction, at that time, the possible size was just right. Once it cooled down, there would be a shrinkage, much smaller than the actual size.

above is vacuum the reason why the complex mold prototype will deform, hope to help you.

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