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What are the requirements for prototype processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-09- 10 16: 42

The development of the prototype industry is very rapid. In the 1990s s, many processes were completed manually and manually. With the advancement of science and technology, most of the plastic prototypes are processed by machine. This can not only make the accuracy of the product, but also achieve the same accuracy as the 3D drawing designed by the designer. About 1mm. So what are the requirements for prototype processing?

requirements for prototype processing:

1. Most prototypes need to process spatial surfaces with complex shapes on solid-core metal modules, with the development of prototype to large scale, the weight of modules will be larger and larger, and now some have reached dozens of tons;

2. Most of the prototype shapes are cuboid or cube, which are very narrow and long, the main processing volume is concentrated on the die and the punch;

3. As the requirements of prototype products become more and more precise and complex, the requirements for prototype processing accuracy are also getting higher and higher. Now the machining accuracy of many prototypes has reached ±1 ~ 2 mu M, will soon develop to less than ±1 muM;

4. As the user's requirements for the prototype production cycle become shorter and shorter, the prototype processing will be faster, and there are flexible and long-term full load without stopping operation and other requirements.

The above are the relevant requirements for prototype processing, hoping to help you.

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