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What are the steps of the prototype model processing process?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2017-09- 04 11: 46

what steps are there in the processing process of the prototype model? At present, most prototype model factories use CNC machining centers for processing and production. The production process generally has the following steps: 1. Programming: programmers analyze 3D data (Drawing files) , Write the programming language of the control CNC machining center; Second, CNC machining: enter the program language into the computer control processing center and execute the program Command; 3. Manual processing: the main contents of the finished parts after renovation and processing are: Proofreading data, removing wool edges, bonding, polishing and polishing, etc; 4. Surface treatment: complete various surface effects in the renderings, commonly used for painting, silk screen printing, electroplating, special laser carving, Anode Oxidation, wire drawing, etc; V. Assembly: after the processing is completed, the main problem is Assembly problem and data detection. Of course, it should be assembled first before surface treatment; VI. Packaging: product packaging inspected; Of course, the above steps are only a general process. According to the size and management of each company, the steps have increased and decreased. For example, a smaller company may not carry out product packaging or test data, and a company with strict management will carry out quality inspection work many times, the review will be completed in each step. In short, there are no regulations in the industry, and there are no standards to follow, so the differences between companies in the industry are all enough to be strange.

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